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Solve the full color LED display screen stroboscopic

by:Atop     2020-03-11

Drive the loader is wrong. Ethernet cable is too long or Ethernet cable between the computer and the screen failure. Sending card is broken. Control card is broken, look at the little lights on the control card is not bright, if you don't light it broke. The problem is short circuit between the power and control card. The output of the power supply voltage and current is not stable, take the power of the control card don't take too much of the board. Full color Led display screen flashing corresponding solution 1. If spend the entire screen, figure shadow twist, usually drive loader is wrong, check again drive loader, not uninstall reshipment. 2. Another possibility is to send card is broken, need to change to send card at this time. 3. If is irregular, general problem is the system frequency. Change the system, or by adjusting the parameters of the set, the basic can be solved! If they are stars flickering state, is probably the graphics card driver problem, it is possible that send card problem resolution Settings. Another possibility, is the power supply problem ( Power supply is insufficient, information clutter, electromagnetic interference) , PCB design to consider the power supply and signal line wire diameter, and the PCB production process. Module on a few more capacitance have also made some improvement. 4. If words flashing (with Text with irregular white edge around, irregular flashing, text disappeared disappeared after) The graphics Settings, in the display attributes cancel 'show hidden shadow under the menu', 'edge smooth transition effect', can solve such problems.                                

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