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Small spacing upright type LED display will lead the industry development?

by:Atop     2020-09-09
The emergence of small spacing display technology, driving the LED display to the expansion of the application of indoor ultra-high resolution process. Domestic market display screen, LED display products, a large number of small spacing, market continues to heat up. Small spacing LED display market, small spacing and transparent screens are a handful of the fire, there seems to be leading the development trend of the industry. But it is not the most popular product, the market demand for small spacing technical threshold is higher, the market price is expensive, and transparent screen demand is not big, as long as there is this order, generally a market can satisfy customers' requirements. So what is the demand of the most popular products? This is a small distance into the LED display. So what reason be? , as the below small make up together and have a look. Small spacing between the LED display market is very hot, with the constant innovation of LED display technology, changing upright type LED display products and add a lot of innovative elements in different degrees, and occupy the market with high speed development trend. Wisdom city construction LED street lamp system gathered the display, communication, environment, multiple functions such as lighting, in information, information release, the mobile communication and so on various aspects provides great convenience for residents. Now the idea of wisdom city rise in the global scope, from the United States this kind of developed countries, or developing countries such as southeast Asia, are strongly encourage the establishment of this kind of high efficient intelligent city management mode, thus brought into type LED display a new blue ocean market. With the rapid development of information industry, color is rich and video processing ability of a large, upright type LED display is more frequent in the platform, the major sports, advertising and commercial applications. Such a big demand for the use of LED display put forward higher requirements, installation is more quick and light, so that efficient intelligent upright type LED display has become the main trend of contemporary society. Intelligent transportation construction under do not underestimate the growth of the small screen, can say the focus of the upright type LED display application field of intelligence traffic, merely traffic-induced screen, in what is now the rapid development of transportation, its demand is very big. Another small spacing into relative other LED display screen, the price is relatively cheap, by the users of all ages in the display market, this is upright LED display is one of the main reasons for not withdrawn from the market. In the industry as a whole on the market, the price is one of the most key factor in the success or failure of the competition. Small spacing into LED display has experienced several rounds of price war experience, its profit margin is very narrow, the price has been close to the bottom, space of the price is not very big, to the end customers, edging out the moisture in the middle of the many, the purchased products will value, is a very good thing. This article from: sina search LED
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