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Small spacing to the Mini and Micro LED industry usher in new opportunities

by:Atop     2020-08-06
When it comes to the LED display industry, you first think of SMD LED display small spacing or COB small spacing? A Micro/Mini LED LED technology? At present, whether from the perspective of the building scale or market demand increment of industry, LED the application of small spacing is 'growth'. As a small spacing LED the second generation product, COB small spacing also sustained attention, its technical matures, industry to be more perfect, the market application is 'inevitable'. In addition, the Mini LED and the rise of Micro LED technology, sparked new concerns. In the Mini LED product research and development, the domestic LED industry companies have continued to a high degree of attention, and actively put into technology research and development and the product layout. This, however, several technical development situation how? Who will be better and win the favor of the market? Small spacing LED since 2015, the outbreak of small spacing market growth, in brightness, color, reliability, has significant advantages, in a professional display market for LCD and DLP quick replacement of the screen, the permeability of nearly 20%, technological progress and cost down to promote small spacing ratio continued ascension, alternative space is huge. According to figures from the LED industry research institute in 2017, the global small spacing LED display market size of more than $1 billion, 2020 is expected to close to $1. 8 billion. From the point of product pixel spacing, more than seventy percent of products for point spacing in P2. 5-P1。 7 between; From the point of regional distribution, accounted for the largest area of the asia-pacific region ( 50-60%) , followed by North America and Europe. Compared with the traditional LED display, LED small spacing barriers is higher, the terminal manufacturer mainly for Chinese enterprises to leah, state science and technology, lianjian photoelectric, Abby, etc. , leah, and the state science and technology as the industry one of the major manufacturers, two occupy the market share of nearly 50%. Application field, future small spacing LED more bullish on the market for commercial display, such as sports industry, sports industry to achieve rapid growth in recent years, promoting sports market demand of LED display. In addition, high-end retail, interactive display, film, advertising, sports, entertainment, multidisciplinary operation mode are expected to continue to promote the innovation of the boom of small spacing upward. COB small spacing before COB products, leds for indoor small spacing, SMD product is absolute 'hegemony', the only choice of the market. This kind of situation, on the technology, users can choose different spacing of the only point. However, as the first generation of small spacing LED products, due to the luminescence principle and the inherent product defects of encapsulation process, SMD products also exposed the deficiency of the show, 'bad lamp accumulating, poor watch the comfort and protection performance weak' has been plagued by problems such as the industry and users. In the context of escalating customer demand, the point spacing should not also can no longer is the only standard, users can choose a more stable system, more high quality pictures, more healthy according to the 'casting' small spacing LED the long-term market competition ability. So, COB small spacing 'arises at the historic moment,' whether from the technical or market pattern will profoundly influence the whole small spacing on the development of LED industry. COB technology, the LED chips encapsulation on the PCB board, effectively solve the problem of the small distance between the LED reliability, protective, cumulative rate of bad points less than one over ten of the traditional SMD technology. On the adaptability to environment, COB has moisture-proof, anti-static, knock against, dustproof, and other functions, positive protection IP54, is recognized in the industry of small spacing LED technology development direction. COB small countries spacing technology has also been much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning as important strategic advanced electronic materials. In recent years, COB display technology gradually by the market recognition. ISE in 2018 show, also has the Chinese lehman photoelectric P1. 5 spacing COB products, Abby's COBALT technology, U. S. stocks listed company Dakota electronic COB display products such as a new industry giants to participate in the competition to the technology products. More blessings of listed companies, manufacturers in China, the world's small spacing of LED display 'a dominant' camp, COB technology application are marching steadily from alternative to mainstream technology. It is reported that lehman photoelectric based on the latest COB core technology research and development production of P1. 2,P1。 5,P1。 9 hd LED display products have small space at the end of may shipment in batches, get customer approval. Is located in the state-level high-tech zone huizhou ZhongKai lehman industrial park of the new production line debugging production smoothly, improve yield, to realize production capacity is expected in the near future. COB hd display technology is recognized as the industry's latest generation of LED display technology, small spacing compared with SMD display technology, in the small distance between P2. 0 to P0. 5 resolution range, COB technology combined with integrated encapsulation and high-density display technology, high reliability, high protective natural advantages, the contrast and color gamut, consistency, also has the advantage of differentiation, will become an important new force LED small spacing market. Mini LEDMini LED refers to 0 is realized by using more sophisticated devices and new way of packaging. 2-0. 9 mm particles display pixels.
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