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Small spacing LED to a full-blown market?

by:Atop     2020-08-06
Whether from the point of the manufacturing scale or market demand increase of industry, the current small spacing LED applications are in the 'growth'. However, the market also have some worry, industry close to the ceiling, growth will slow sharply. To this, how do you see? IHS Markit: small spacing in the coming two years shows that product a full-blown IHS Markit, the latest release of the LED display market report pointed out that in the next two years, LED display products will be more than 30% of the average annual growth rate, and growth mainly comes from the small distance between products. Small spacing display products will be applied in indoor scene to continue, and further market penetration outdoor applications. IHS Markit, commercial display, a senior analyst at Liu Huilian thinks, 2018-2019 will have small spacing full-blown display products. The industry constantly integration of upstream and downstream resources, iterative technique, and the increasing attention and traditional display industry manufacturers into the LED small spacing added more vitality and market potential. Liu Huilian think, small spacing LED display product shipments will double in the next two years. LED display the current global market size of the market in 2017 for $2. 3 billion, 2018 and 2019 is expected to reach 3. 6 billion and 4. 5 billion dollars. From the point of sales market share, chau Ming technology, leah DE photoelectric and Abby's photoelectric current in the top three. From each big brand in LED display products market share, while in the past few years Dakota has dominated the market share in the first place, but from the point of the fourth quarter of 2017, the four brands of domestic power continuously, a later and momentum. Is the fundamental reason for Dakota mature small spacing products launched in 2017, this time is much later than other competitors. In the domestic market, small spacing Chinese brand shipment now far exceeds the overseas brand. From samsung and other traditional display industry bosses are more and more attention, and upstream of LED display technology and production capacity, increasing investment enthusiasm, Liu Huilian believes that small spacing LED display products in the future is bound to a greater impact on traditional display industry, and the impact not only exist in our current commercial display industry. 700 million yuan according to the dimension cloud network ( AVC) 80000 square meters. Chinese small spacing LED domestic market quarterly sales data source: the cloud network ( AVC) Display device and the system data, unit: one hundred million yuan, K ㎡ small spacing in 2017-2018 LED lamp bead products demand measurement data source: the cloud network ( AVC) Display device and the system data, unit: KKpcs for lamp bead encapsulation products supply and demand of market, according to Mr D cloud network ( AVC) Statistics show that 2017 annual industry lamp bead encapsulation capacity of about 64. 4 billion, total consumption of about 54. 6 billion lamp bead, market oversupply. By the end of the quarter, lights, products supply ability has been increased to 9000 kk per month. In the downstream application demand continues to good, continue to shrink, mainstream pixel spacing will further drive the lamp bead production capacity, consumption, especially in 1010 and the following products. Is expected in 2018 will total 80 billion lamp bead products, relationship between market supply and demand imbalances will be eased. Small spacing LED China's most important brand product price level and the industry average data source: the cloud network ( AVC) Display device and the system data, unit: ten thousand yuan / ㎡ ( (domestic) Sustained high growth in sales and sales, product prices also improved accordingly this quarter, industry average unit prices ( The total amount of/sales) 950000 yuan per square meter, or 10%. Prices the main reason has two aspects, one is COB product application situation of the open market, the unit price is higher than with the specifications of the SMD products will be 30-50%; Second, the downstream application to show the performance of high demand drives the mainstream shrinking of distance between the pixel in the high-end product sales increase gradually. Q1 2018 small spacing LED product technology structure and application of distributed data sources: the cloud network ( AVC) 4%. In particular, COB proportion is small, but its growth speed to be reckoned with. 1%, mainly domestic applications ( The meeting all-in-one) ; 4%; 4%. Due to the continued ascent products cost-effective, the future commercial application show will have larger growth space.
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