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Small spacing LED the rapid development of industry inject new vitality

by:Atop     2020-08-07
LED display is very common in our life is a display of products, large outdoor advertising screen, small to conference video display terminals, LED display has been deeply permeate every aspect of our lives. And reviews the development of LED display industry, it is easy to find, what about the LED display industry into a lot of fresh blood, such as LED the rapid development of small spacing, the winter Olympics '8 minutes in Beijing' in the 'ice screen', has injected new vitality to the industry. From the current existing various indications in 2018, there is a strong possibility is COB encapsulation of boom years, COB technology, development and stability of LED inject new vitality into the innovation bottleneck of small spacing, as the industry puts it: 'COB in small spacing hd LED display a high-speed growth areas play the role of the technology leader, of great help to promote the products of LED industry upgrading. COB packaging technology has made significant market stall in 2018 breakthrough, in addition to the previously long technical accumulation, also depends on many factors. Technology, market demand demonstrated 'the future of small spacing is COB,' with the stability of the mature technology, COB LED small spacing can gives the user the feeling that find everything new and fresh, broke the past more than the distance between the competing on the 'smaller', COB has become a 'stubborn' the best way to solve a lot of small spacing, such as outdoor small spacing of encapsulation and LED technology inherent sense of 'particles' etc. 'bugs'. Terminal market, on the other hand, the higher of the demand of the small distance between the LED is also promote the development of COB technology. At the same time for the whole LED display industry, the future will no longer be divided into different spacing only standard LED display products, different packaging technology has become the another key factor, and the choice of products. Enterprise innovation, in fact, the industry more than screen companies went to COB behind early 'olive branch'. From the second half began last year, the industry of lehman, changchun hidayat, pioneer, WeiQiao suitable companies to speed up their in COB technology, product and market various layout. Represented by lehman, actively carried out from 2014 start COB technology innovation exploration, since 2017, and in the related technology patents to product innovation, The third generation of COB panel) Such as comprehensive layout for COB market to lay a solid foundation. Industrial chain drive in addition to their own in the prospect of the market forecast, COB packaging has also benefited from the development of the whole industry chain drive: as is known to all, LED testing domestic enterprises, since the second half of 2015 into the large-scale expansion cycle, a significant proportion of new capacity is scheduled in COB packaging technology. Accelerate development, not only because COBLED display applications include lighting application, and the back light of the television application, etc. , also have entered the COB this chip scale packaging era, therefore, the LED chip industry chain from upstream, midstream encapsulation to downstream applications, as well as the surrounding equipment and materials manufacturers, support the development of COB products. Policies to guide not only that, in terms of national policy, COB technology is as 'days' - — In September 2017 from the Ministry of Science and Technology news: COB as the future development direction of small spacing LED, won the national key scientific research project 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' - — Strategic project funding advanced electronic materials, a new display subject, main task is to break through the traditional small distance between the LED display technology and the deficiency of the restrictions. 2017 is the COB LED products with short distances from concept to product, the engineering application of the landlords, and into 2018, single ISLE from ISE international exhibition and guangzhou exhibition, a growing number of screen enterprises spontaneously participate in COB packaging 'camp', the market also presents a rapid increment ( Although the overall size is still limited) The pattern. Samsung, Dakota, Abby's ( COBALT technology) This kind of industry, 'bosses' joining to the COB packaging market confidence. In 2018, the number of packaging technology, when the COB! This article from: sohu net search LED
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