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Small spacing LED ten big company ranks

by:Atop     2020-08-07
On December 3, news, indoor small spacing in LED display industry has become increasingly important status, small spacing in the absolute market sales number and relative market growth rate two aspects, has been completely overcome the outdoor LED display. Small spacing of explosive growth, and to the LED display industry market pattern produced extensive and far-reaching influence. In recent years, in the field of small spacing, brilliant company status in the whole display industry also has improved and stable. Can literally, today's LED industry, small spacing is all over the world. So, what are the company specific industry, benefit from the explosive growth of the small spacing, performance today to give you a list of scan of small spacing LED sales quantity in the top ten companies. Leah DE Leyard Optoelectronic Co. , ltd. is a small spacing, the blazers LED, no leah's pioneering spirit, there is no small spacing between today's brilliant. At the same time, leah, also LED the biggest beneficiaries of the small spacing in the listed companies in the LED display, leah's listing is not the first time, but the current market value is the highest. Leah, over the years in a small space market leader position, in the army, television stations, government and other industries with higher share in application fields. LED screen is applied to the 2 small spacing springs operation management center of state state science and technology co. , LTD with its efficient, pragmatic style of enterprise, in the field of small spacing in agriculture, finally ushered in the small distance between a bumper harvest of the market. The small spacing market, have not the momentum of leah's dominance. State, as it were, the progress of this two years small spacing is very large, the company focus on creating a complete product solutions, so both product and market share, all can completely and leah DE tied up in this area. Want to come to the final leah, the two companies and state in 2018 who is the first name, small spacing market now is really can not be easily under this conclusion. They are on the market two swords, kill emi. Finally, we still wait to see the two companies at the end of the year's earnings. Abby's Abby's photoelectric co. , LTD. Has been the industry leader in the overseas markets. Abby's foray into small spacing market is not early, but because has the advantages of listed companies, both in product quality and market reputation has a higher starting point. Companies in 2018 increased domestic small spacing between the promotion of the market, have also made no small achievement. So, although the Abby's small spacing of latecomers, but in the domestic and international market still occupied the important share. Lianjian lianjian photoelectric co. , LTD. In the four listed companies ranked slightly behind. In 2018, the company under the influence of some negative news, market sales by a certain block. Factory relies on many years' accumulation of LED industry, however, has always been strict requirements on product quality, market sales level, and there is a group of has indoor display industry experienced personnel to join in the competitiveness of small spacing market is still very strong. Therefore, lianjian photoelectric though down temporarily, but, if the company can react to, still can issue in the future.
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