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Small spacing LED, power industry in the screen business performance growth period

by:Atop     2020-09-10
According to statistics, in 2017 the domestic scale of small spacing LED reached 5. 9 billion yuan, up 67% from a year earlier. 2018 - In 2020 China small spacing LED market scale CAGR will amount to about 44%, sustained growth of the industry. This from recently, industry listed screen companies released their first quarter earnings of live also can see it clearly. 。 。 。 。 。 Six leds in the first quarter of 2018 screen performance enterprise listed six big screen companies earnings in the first quarter of 2018 from the above table be clear at a glance, including factory photoelectric and lehman shares two because of the development direction, new product development promotion, a drop in performance significantly, other screen companies keep up growth. In addition, after understanding the performance of the companies after the change reason, we clearly found that the current market is still small spacing enterprise performance growth pull screen 'hero', is one of the 'flow' of the enterprise product innovation. We can from the panel found in the performance of enterprises, the current of each big enterprise products are escalating, small spacing optimization, to deal with the current industry, the market higher demand change. Chau Ming science and technology, for example: during the reporting period, chau Ming developed indoor ultra-small spacing, LED series products, the product through the upstream PCB manufacturers joint development with high density, high precision of circuit boards, etc. , makes the ultra small spacing LED products can achieve similar to the LCD panel of mass production, the product is expected to open small spacing LED products in areas such as education, health care, high-end conference rooms of application space. Leah, Abby's small spacing plate force of growth is also very good. Lianjian photoelectric also said that a period of time, because the company made a series of strategic adjustment in time, from product development, production equipment, suppliers, sales team to a comprehensive upgrade, during the reporting period the company internal small spacing surge in income on the product. As many in the industry known as 'COB packaging technology may be a little distance between the LED industry's biggest variable, is expected to cause the industry pattern of subversion. 'Lehman photoelectric LED display products, has been committed to the deepening COB small spacing its recent launch of the third-generation COB small spacing is a new generation of small spacing hd LED products, LED display pixel under 2 mm spacing of the future direction of technology and products, with high reliability, high protection, high definition, high color gamut, etc. Series of advantages, is the whole lehman innovations, not only improved the lehman starts in the field of LED encapsulation and show leadership advantage, also promotes the product technology of LED industry upgrading. With the constant improvement of technology and products, the current difficulty of LED display technology step by step also overweight, technology and capital threshold, will further enhance industry concentration, the industry will end is one of the few enterprise pattern of monopoly, the later corner overtaking opportunities may be less and less, and the screen enterprise competition will be intensified, so is a leading enterprise, which is at present a lot of leading enterprises more active investment products, expand the market and channel of innovation. This article from: China network LED China network security exhibition
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