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Small spacing LED new battleground digital signage market potential

by:Atop     2020-06-02
LED display as a product is the important carrier of advertising, and advertising media has a natural connection. Survey found that in the past year, LED display business market share in outdoor applications while showing a growth, but growth is not an increase in the number of the screen, but the original value of the screen. According to authoritative research institutions HIS company statistics, in 2014 the global digital signage market gains more than $15. 1 billion, an increase of 6% over the previous year. Among them, account for the lion's share of the digital signage display to will achieve more than $6 billion in 2018 revenue, to create a good development opportunity for commercial display industry. This means that, as the application of commercial market demand has increased, the traditional business model is not able to promote the sustainable development industry, LED display industry if you want to steady growth, will go fine line, detailed application of the LED display manufacturers for indoor applications and commercial marketing to input to the digital signage is the new attempt of this change. LED advertising machine is LED into digital sign is another kind of pattern in the field of the development of technology and the improving of the degree of market awareness, making digital sign outdoor applications has become a trend, the size of the market is expanding fast. Relevant agency predicted that by 2015, outdoor digital advertising turnover is expected to reach $3. 4 billion. Huge space to grow up to become the motive force of the manufacturer's efforts on. Compared with the indoor environment, outdoor environment more complex, thus for digital signage display terminal put forward higher request, among them, clearly visible in the sun, was the first premise, in this level, the LED display screen has a natural advantage - Itself luminous intensity is strong and support automatic brightness adjustment, direct sunlight within visual range when the screen surface display content is clear. In addition to the traditional digital signage display terminal applications, LED advertising machine is LED display into another pattern in the field of digital signage. With the advantages of inherent LED display, LED advertising machine in both on the coverage on the display performance is due to the traditional LCD advertising machine, more in line with the application requirement of outdoor advertising machine. Digital signage or will become the best in the small spacing of LED display field at the beginning of the birth, small spacing LED products apply indoor screen lock as the main target, which means that the development is not perfect LED products with small spacing is already very mature LCD splicing screen, DLP splicing screen confrontation, courage is commendable, but the process is bound to be difficult, but not necessarily obvious in the short term effect. In this case, the analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, from has the congenital advantage of outdoor digital signage market will no doubt ease many. Both realistic interests and future development, the digital sign advertising machine application or the best battlefield will become small spacing LED display.
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