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Small spacing LED electronic screen three advantages

by:Atop     2020-03-14

Small spacing LED electronic screen biggest advantage is seamless, but when joining together the enclosure of installation requirements is very high. For LCD, flat-fell seam evenly, there is no problem, juncture is not obvious. But can't so little distance between the LED electronic display, if installed modules packed too tight will appear bright line between gap big module will appear darker skin. And on the lamp bead, industry standards are dead lamp rate in 1/10000, but not small spacing, if 1/10000 death lamp, can't see the picture. Future only controlling the death rate of light to the 1/100000, or 1/1000000 to meet the requirements of indoor use. LED electronic screen in the field of security, small spacing is its the biggest advantage of the natural real seamless and display color. At the same time, in the later maintenance, the LED display has mature point correction technology, using more than one or two years display the one-time correction of the instrument can be used for the whole screen, operation simple, the effect is very good also. Now LED small spacing in monitoring security, scheduling command, actually have applied intelligent transportation and other fields. The future LED display screen if small spacing can have a greater breakthrough in the field of intelligent Gao Qinghe, product competitive advantage will be further embodiment.                                

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