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Small spacing LED electronic display how to achieve a better effect

by:Atop     2020-03-14

Small spacing LED electronic display screen to achieve the best display effect, little between run mainly adopts the black light. The reason is that the higher the fidelity of the image shows that the performance of the screen, the better, and the stand or fall of fidelity is mainly determined by contrast and color. Refers to the light and dark areas in an image contrast between the brightest white and the darkest black different brightness levels of measurement, the greater the difference range represents the contrast, the greater the difference on behalf of the contrast, the smaller the smaller the range, high contrast to more easily show vivid, rich color, can support the color of each order. Use black crystal device of lamp bead contrast can be increased by 40%. Made of black light screen can present a uniform color, dynamic and color deeper images. Apart from providing high contrast black light, also bring a more excellent performance, that is not reflective. Because the black LED lamp bead of PPA stent is black, because black is not the reflected light, which is not reflective ability, so the light is converted into other energy on black objects, so even when there are miscellaneous light black will absorb all the PPA stents, no longer will miscellaneous reflected light, which reduces the noise interference of the light, will make the colors more real, not a bunch of color, the tail and various color interference phenomenon, make colour more pure, clear, and higher fidelity.                                

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