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Small spacing LED display LED Mini/Micro LED promising high-speed growth

by:Atop     2020-08-31
For a small and medium-sized enterprises, every day thinking about how to live. Crystal shares since it was founded in 2008, the development in 2018, after 10 years to 'live' is not easy. Crystal Taiwan shares Gong Wen chairman, said at a conference in 2018 led a spring reception 'we originally do show class encapsulation, lighting, consumer electronics, packaging, etc. , and then decided to cut down lighting, consumer electronics, packaging, only do show encapsulation. 'Jing, chairman of the Taiwan shares Gong Wen Gong Wen admits,' in the field of LED display market size is not big, the size of the market in 30 billion - only Around 40 billion, but we are still bullish on the market. Because, since 2017, the industry is the most popular two words and Micro LED Mini LED, and the two words are closely associated with the crystal sets. 'The current several kind of mainstream display technology, if the LCD is the first generation, so OLED is the second generation, the Micro LED is the third generation. As is known to all, Micro LED is to LED structure design of thin film, miniaturization and array, about 1% of the current mainstream LED the size of the volume. Every picture element can be addressed, light alone, the pixels of the points from the descending order of magnitude lower to microns, and has low power consumption, high brightness, high resolution and color saturation, faster response, longer service life, high efficiency advantages. Due to Micro LED for quality will be a quality, a lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, Micro will be the next generation of revolutionary LED display technology. At the same time, the Micro LED application range is very rich, whether in the field of big size or small size has a broad prospect. However, in terms of the current development situation, MicroLED technology is still in the primary period, MicroLED display complex and lengthy supply chain, each process is crucial to effective management of every aspect will be challenging. Compared with Micro LED, in theory, the Mini LED technology difficulty is lower and easier to implement, and can develop LCD back light market in great quantities, product efficiency is better. According to industry estimates, if the Mini LED backlit LCD TV panel, the price is only about 6 ~ 8 into OLED TV panel, but are close to OLED brightness, quality, energy saving efficiency is higher. 'In fact, the Mini LED with small spacing is relatively similar, LED display screen in small spacing do now is the concept of the Mini LED. Nearly two years, LED small spacing development speed very quickly, as the main supplier of LED small spacing we can also be felt, in 2017, our turnover of small spacing to achieve the double growth. 'Gong Wen said. However, if you think the LED lamp bead size is small spacing on hardware technology progress, it is not comprehensive. Because there are several reasons behind this trend, the main reason is photosynthetic efficiency improvement. Under the requirements of the same brightness, luminous efficiency, light bead the crystal was smaller, which makes the lamp bead itself also can reduce. In addition, the user's requirements are also rising. Because of the traditional small spacing LED screen resolution is not high, so to decrease the size of the lamp bead to guarantee in the same area of the screen under the condition of improve the resolution of the screen. It also makes the small distance between the LED screen is more likely to catch up the wave of the resolution. Of course, as manufacturers themselves, only by constantly promote the hardware specifications of the product, can make a difference product for promotion. And higher photosynthetic efficiency as well as the smaller lamp bead is beneficial to reduce the hardware cost of the products, in response to the market more fierce competition in the future. Have to mention is that after years of product update iteration, small spacing LED application scenario has been expanding. Not only appeared in the market marketing advertisement machine, but also deep into the theater, to replace the traditional way of viewing. So the development and changes of let small spacing LED screen thoroughly removed application scenario is little hat. 'Thus, small spacing of LED display in the future there will be some new opportunities, including encapsulation mode, integrated application of small spacing, etc. 'Gong Wen mentioned at last. This article from: search LED lighting headlines
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