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Small spacing LED application how to play? Look at these companies do

by:Atop     2020-09-09
Recently, small spacing LED display once again came to the 'spotlight', has attracted many attentions of the industry. Held both Abby's 'love to be true, win the future', 2018 LED small spacing and wisdom city peak BBS, or China LED project traders union, shandong xintai city people's government hosted the 'fifth period the LED display application technology training course' and xintai city photoelectric technology industry seminar, small spacing are haunt the protagonist's aura, become the main focus of the industry to discuss. Small spacing has now become one of the main driving force to promote the development of industry forward, shortly before the d cloud network published the quarter Chinese small spacing LED industry analysis report shows that in the first quarter this year small spacing LED display size 12 domestic market sales. 700 million yuan, year-on-year increase of 65. 6%. Report noted, the size of the market growth is mainly attributed to the growth of industry leading enterprises performance, such as leah's new sign in the first quarter year-on-year growth in 82. 1%, the order amount up to 6. 900 million yuan. In the first quarter of this year the growth of the small spacing is amazing, so in the second quarter? Before each big listed companies announced the second quarter data, we temporarily unable to grasp the specific data, but from individual companies disclose information, we through out its, can know the general situation. 28 this month, leah DE group chairman li and board secretary personnel in the process of communication with investors, said leah, small spacing in the second quarter quarterly growth of 30% year-on-year. Another listed companies chau Ming on June 29th interactive platform of science and technology, also said the company in the second quarter growth faster, shipments and annulus compared with small spacing are rising. Leah with incremental chau Ming small spacing, directly reflects the small spacing of sustained and rapid growth trend. In the face of small spacing market expanding this big cake, many LED display and related companies in the competition for the market, and with the increase of competitors, market competition around the small spacing will become more and more fierce. As a result, small spacing will not make the mistake past conventional display products, produce homogeneity competition, even price war? For small spacing will produce a price war, we aside, to be sure, small spacing this cake is great, but to enjoy bite satiety, is not easy. The current industry leading enterprises accounted for the vast majority of market share, small spacing the cloud network ( AVC) Display device and system, according to data in the first quarter this year Top5 brand market share for 74. 5%, among them, leah to 35. Topped the 8% market share, chau Ming 22 science and technology. 3% held the second, both were almost 60% market share. In the face of such market pattern, the vast majority of small and medium-sized screen enterprises want to pie, delusion by replicating past experience, obviously is unlikely. Small spacing, after all, the conventional display products in technology have a certain threshold, even beyond the threshold technology, your product is not competitive, also need through the test of the market. Moreover, an obvious fact is that the industry leading enterprises whether the brand influence, or products are far more than small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises in product competition obviously at a disadvantage, if our small and medium-sized enterprise also to price to win, I'm afraid only can appear 'eat ugly', so, want to make a difference in the field of small spacing, path, way out of their own characteristics. Now, the LED display industry development up to now, between enterprises form the corresponding changes have taken place in the competition, product competition from the past, gradually moving towards a comprehensive solution.
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