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Small distance between the LED display trendsetter yuan heng photoelectric much promise for the enterprises

by:Atop     2020-08-06
On September 10, 2018, in recent years, with wisdom city, the construction of safe city project, whether in the field of transportation, security or military command center, high-end customized display engineering demand is more and more big, the small distance between the LED display screen with its high color gamut, the advantages of high brightness, seamless splicing gradually occupy the mainstream status. As traditional security comprehensive intelligent transformation, visualization has become a focus of industry, big screen splicing screen has become the mainstream display terminal, especially in the urban peace and wisdom city, the integration of large-scale security project, splicing wall products is essential. Compared with other display products, small spacing LED display screen significant advantage is seamless splicing, and flexible installation way, screen body thickness thin, high brightness, low energy consumption, and save a high light bulb replacement cost, the late lower operational cost. So quickly occupied the represented by traffic command and control of indoor domestic market in the field of application. Nowadays, the expansion of the security market will bring vast development space for small spacing LED display industry. According to the high production, according to data from the research institute of LED LED display industry in China in 2017 the overall size of 49. 1 billion yuan, rose 27. 2%, among which, small spacing LED display size growth rate of 67%, to 5. 9 billion yuan, become the important impetus to the growth of LED display. In the future, small spacing LED display will continue to greater density conversion, toward intelligent, standardization, in this process, the market will be further opened. According to GGII forecasts, China's small spacing LED display market scale to the size of the market in 2020 will reach 17. 7 billion yuan, 2018 - Compound growth rate in 2020 will remain at around 44%. As a result, small spacing, LED by enterprise have to layout. Keda - — 'Crystal' series of application in many provinces and cities as leading brand in the video and security keda with excellent display control products widely endorsed. 's 'crystal' series of splicing screen exquisite real effect, easy to maintain, and a single point of failure can still be used normally, is now in Beijing, Shanghai, zhejiang, chongqing has been applied in 15 provinces and cities. Lianjian photoelectric - — VA1。 2 hd seamless domestic factory photoelectric aiming at public security command center with small spacing VA1 launched domestic environment. 2 hd seamless screen, has the advantages of high suitability, clear display, in addition, can also be watching for direct deduction, reporting, simulated training teaching and other kinds of decisions with modern methods. Lehman photoelectric - — The third generation of COB small spacing display photoelectric lehman has deep COB LED display products, small spacing of the third generation COB small spacing display screen with high reliability, high protection, high definition, high color gamut series of advantages, such as pixel under 2 mm spacing between the development direction of LED display, not only improved the lehman starts in the field of LED encapsulation and show leadership advantage, also promotes the product technology of LED industry upgrading. Yuan hang photoelectric - — The H2 T1 series. Screen yuan heng photoelectric 27 small spacing is domestic production of small spacing early LED enterprises, product quality. For example, launched series of H2 T1. 27 small spacing screen, using high precision die-casting aluminum case, from the four directions around fine-tuning, realize seamless splicing and without the effect of bright lines, screen clear fluid, high fidelity, unbiased color, emergency command center at daya bay nuclear power plant base, lanzhou airport, hangzhou gongshu district scenarios are applications such as the lobby. Conclusion: with the LED industry concentration ascending and releasing capacity, small spacing LED display has become an important force in the LED industry development. However, the present small spacing LED display market is from the 'incremental rule' to 'rule' stock. The personage inside course of study is expected, market segmentation will continue to increase. Small spacing LED enterprises need to follow the technology trends and trends, based on its own market positioning and target, with the appropriate strategy to meet the changes and challenges brought about by the new technology. This article from: China network LED China network security exhibition
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