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Six largest listed LED enterprise business report released in 2017

by:Atop     2020-09-15
Listed at the end of 2017, six big LED display companies has announced the company's annual earnings forecast, cause a lot of attention in the industry. Several glad several sorrow, however, is the performance of a new report from the enterprise, the big six the profitability of listed companies is different, among them, leah, chau Ming science and technology, otto electronic net profit in 80. 59%, 77. 96%, 52. The growth rate of 88% jump in, lianjian photoelectric net profit almost flat with the previous year, and Abby's net profit, lehman shares fell 32 respectively. 61% and 34. 40%. Six largest listed LED companies as the industry leading enterprises, always leading the industry development vane, through the analysis of the six big corporate earnings growth disparity is very big, maybe can give LED display industry companies in the New Year bring some new hotspot industries. Six big led display performance led the listed companies in 2017 listed companies 2017 annual performance data on villa, chau Ming technology: strengthening small spacing product competitiveness rapid growth of enterprise performance and leah's operating revenue in 2017, 65. 48, 1. 1 billion yuan more than the same period last year growth. 71%, the operating profit of 11. 9. 4 billion yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 12. 80, 0. 8 billion yuan more than the same period last year growth. 59%. Changes for performance reasons, leah, said the company in 2017 new sign and won the bid for the total order reached 10. 2 billion yuan, which is about 27 small spacing orders. 500 million yuan, up 51% from a year earlier. That the main reason is the company's profit growth. Chau Ming science and technology in 2017 operating income of 302619. 310000 yuan, the operating profit of 33874. 780000 yuan, profit for 35966. 720000 yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies for 29622. 490000 yuan, from 2016, growth in 77. 96%. Chau Ming science and technology, thinks that in 2017 net profit year-on-year growth of the main causes include domestic small spacing for the 2017 annual market LED the market continue to improve, small spacing between products of the company strong growth. Lianjian photoelectric, otto electronic: complete acquisitions prompted business steady growth lianjian photoelectric business revenues in 2017, 4000449497. 53 yuan, operating profit - 179595657. 39 yuan, profit total 478777104. 62 yuan, 2017 net profit of 404548159. 52 yuan, 0 year-on-year growth. 39%. Lianjian photoelectric said, as the company merger layout is basically completed, the company's business to perfect layout, now can provide customers with numerous online integrated marketing solutions. Otto electronic business revenue of 1028080645. 56 yuan, year-on-year growth in 124. 92%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 131907130. 43 yuan, year-on-year growth of 52. 88%. Ao tuo electronics said the company net profit increase is mainly on the reporting period 'hundreds of shenzhen hui lighting engineering co. , LTD. ', 'shenzhen autoart made xiang photoelectric technology co. , LTD. ' and table. Abby sen, lehman shares: exchange rate changes make exchange loss increase Abby's business revenue of 1538115480 in 2017. 4 yuan, operating profit 109084277. 08 yuan, profit total 117624941. 93 yuan, 101995764 net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies. 42 yuan, less than the same period last year 32. 61%. Company net profit decreased exchange rate fluctuations will cause this issue was the main cause of exchange loss, and merger and acquisition of shenzhen, depending on the depreciation of goodwill impairment caused by gen technology co. , LTD. Lehman shares business revenue of 64450 in 2017. 890000 yuan, the operating profit of 2089. 900000 yuan, profit total 2666. 280000 yuan, 2017 net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies. Drop in 34, 760000 yuan more than the same period last year. 40%. Lehman said the company LED business sales revenue growth, but the exchange rate volatility of exchange loss, so it has certain influence on the net. Market is still hot for enterprise to bring the infinite small spacing 'money' as the end customer for the LED display shows the continuous improvement of quality requirements, small spacing LED display pixel spacing is small, the advantages of high attention by a large number of manufacturers, now, small spacing LED products are widely used not only in the field of advertising media, business area, with wisdom city construction in full swing, in security monitoring, public display business education and other fields have also been used in great quantities, application fields are expanding constantly. COB packaging technology, meanwhile, after a long technical accumulation is also a major breakthrough in 2018, LED COB applied to small spacing can gives the user the feeling that find everything new and fresh, broke the past on the spacing 'smaller' contest, also successfully solve the encapsulation of small spacing outdoor small spacing and inherent 'sense of particles' problem, such as LED technology for LED products into innovation bottleneck of small spacing inject new vitality. Nearly two years, the small distance between the LED display market ushered in the spurt of growth, according to the relevant data is expected, small spacing of LED display in the future to keep 20% - The steady growth of 30%, to 2018, the size of the market can be close to billions. Thus, small spacing LED display is the development of the industry mainstream, faced with opportunities, LED display companies should adapt to the market demand, increase small spacing of the LED display market layout, high-speed improve enterprise sales performance, increase enterprise profit of net revenue.
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