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Six largest listed LED companies in the first quarter earnings report fresh

by:Atop     2020-09-15
Recently, the six big LED display industry listed companies reveal in the first quarter of 2018 earnings report, from the data, the LED display industry in 2018 is still present thriving scene, in addition to the factory photoelectric with lehman shares two companies net profit fell last year, the rest of the four companies have remained was substantial autoart electronic net profit increase rate as high as 367. 12%, the figures in the whole manufacturing industry are amazing. LED display enterprise listed in the first quarter 2018 results table & emsp;   Changes in performance is due & emsp;   Abby's & emsp;   Abby's performance increases, the main benefit from the rapid growth of the company display orders, this company achieve revenue. 3. 3. 4 billion yuan, nearly 70% year-on-year growth, fast growth, the company's performance. In addition, in the first quarter of 2018, the company made about 4 LED display order. RMB 2. 3 billion, year-on-year growth of around 29%; Display hotel operations to achieve revenue of about 13. 83 million yuan, an increase of about 108%. At the same time, although in the first quarter of 2018 the company's performance achieved rapid growth, but this period appear exchange loss due to exchange rate fluctuations of about 15. 81 million yuan, the inevitable impact the higher growth of the company's performance. Leah DE & emsp;   Main source of leah's performance change of the following two aspects. First, under the drive of intelligent display in the creative, nearly 40% year-on-year increase in operating income, night cruise on the economy and the new formats text brigade operating income multiplier, VR experience for more than 50% growth. Second, small spacing TV technology has a new breakthrough, Supersafe products have been in quantity during delivery, is expected to be launched in the second quarter. MiniLED will mass production and when the time is ripe to the market. As of the report, on the day of small spacing sign 6 new TV. Channel sales in 900 million yuan, including the new sign of 200 million yuan, the 'thousands stores plan' has more than 70, the plan implementation within 300.     Chau Ming electronics & emsp;   Chau Ming electronics in the first quarter of 2018, influenced by the yuan's appreciation against the dollar factor, the exchange loss of the company is about 22 million yuan, plus the company's overall scale, management cost increase about double this quarter, the company net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies have an impact. But in the period, the company actively expand sales channels, compared with the same period last year, sales growth of about 60%, which is the key to the company's net profit rose.     Ao tuo electronics & emsp;   The main reason for the changes in the first quarter 2018 results leads to increased revenue for the company scale and the order, as the government put forward night cruise on the economic construction, national landscape lighting requirements, acquisition of double benefit enterprise a depth, about three quarter of the total bid amount. 9. 8 billion yuan, full-year results provide guarantee for the company.     Lehman shares & emsp;   During the reporting period, lehman shares net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies declined year-on-year. The main reason is that the company to promote the upgrading of the LED industry products and technology, increasing the company independent innovation intellectual property products COB small spacing hd display panel development and personnel input, lead to current cost and cost increase, the efficiency will be gradually released late. At the same time, the exchange loss due to exchange rate fluctuations and the decline in gross margin, has certain influence on the net.   Lianjian photoelectric & emsp;   In the first quarter of 2018 factory photoelectric net profit compared to last year declined, mainly comes from the company since 2017 to build group control management platform, focused and accurate delivery of online media, outdoor, technology research and development expenses increased management costs increase; Second, the company has been expanding its business scale, financing, the influence of the reporting period the company financial expenses compared with the same period last year growth; Finally, affected by the outdoor advertising business environment, digital outdoor plate business quarter revenues declined.     In 2018, the new trend of development of the LED display industry & emsp; New technology to help small spacing escalating products & emsp;   From each big enterprise can be seen in the analysis of the causes of the changes in performance, small spacing in LED display industry development momentum is still rising, a dominant position, the corporate performance for the rise of the main plate. In the future, companies will pay more attention to product upgrading, small spacing optimization, increase the product competitive advantage of enterprises, especially as the COB encapsulation technology and MIRCO LED technology matures, LED display bring more development space for small spacing, further expand the small spacing in the LED display market share. Next, each big LED display companies will continue to increase in the field of small spacing on the layout, improve the enterprise net profit growth rate.
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