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Sincerity, photoelectric LED China show in Shanghai on the first day

by:Atop     2020-06-16
On September 19, 2016, has been hailed as a "barometer" of global LED industry the 12th Shanghai international LED show, LEDChina2016) In Shanghai new international expo center began. As the deepening LED one of the leading enterprises of more than ten years, Atop the LED Opto Electronic ( E1 museum - Our fleet number) The LED screen, LED intelligent cloud with small spacing LED rental screen products such as television, small spacing dressed up to attend, at home and abroad for the audience in a sincerity feast full of LED screen. Power play - — V1. 2 small spacing LED this exhibition Atop the LED Opto Electronic exhibition V1 for the first time. 2 hd LED display, small spacing is sincerity. The screen resolution of 6144 * 2016, the picture is exquisite precision, beautiful visual experience to customers with admiration, Atop the Led Opto ElectronicV series small spacing at the same time also have seamless splicing, inner arc ultra wide Angle, high stability, accuracy control technology, splicing, nanosecond real-time response, brightness is adjustable, the advantages of the support before/after maintenance, to ensure that in the practical application of various types of content such as video, graphics, data can be concentrated, high-definition, large screen, wide Angle display. Site is still in V1. 2 on the screen with the professional control system, electric power, transportation, the wisdom city, studio and various application scenarios, the perfect interpretation of small spacing LED display the charm of diverse applications. Bear appearance level - — LTV129129 inches without flat-fell seam according to the picture, the 78 mm slim body, hd 1920 x 1080 pixels, 16:9 standard resolution, brightness automatically adaptation, appearance elegant atmosphere, the view can enjoy large super clear, ultra-thin, the perfection of sensory experience, appearance, but high level; LTV129 function is not limited to this, of course, it also can interact with the computer, mobile phone, PAD device interconnection, extremely rich sense of science and technology and intelligent feeling, is the internal and external and repairing. At present, this product is a shopping center, studio, hotel lobby, airport VIP rooms, meeting rooms, and other areas of the application of pet. Surprise bear - — In RA2 small spacing LED rental screen global LED rental screen debut in RA2 small spacing, equipped with 500 x 500 mm size of box body, the display screen area of 11. 25 square, a resolution of 1512 x 840. With hd display, modern appearance, can be shown climbing maintenance, modular design, stable performance, such as in order to make customers more intuitive understanding of the product, the site engineer also illustrates the module tear open outfit, power separation, and other functions, let the customer, especially many overseas customers for this product is quite recognition. In addition, PH2. 9 mm point spacing will also be rental screen into the small distance between age, is a forward-looking significance of high-end. Dynamic bear - — Racing game in order to let the customer at the booth for better viewing experience, Atop the Led Opto Electronic also set up a dynamic game experience on site area, exciting racing game attracted numerous audience participation experience, not only for visiting experience adds even more enjoyable, and Narrows the Atop the Led Opto Electronic distance between with customers.
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