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Signs in the chi energy into small spacing between RGB components encapsulation, casting small spacing boutique packaging device

by:Atop     2020-08-04
LED display technology because of its small spacing seamless, excellent characteristics such as display quality, flexible application, widely used in the command and dispatch center, video conference, information release, commercial display, etc. In recent years, with the security, traffic, exercises, such as government procurement drive, as well as the small distance between the LED display of the traditional DLP alternative speed, small spacing LED display market scale shows rapid growth trend, it became a horse LED display industry 'dark horse', occupy the industry of higher status. Root statistics show that in 2018 mainland China small spacing LED market sales year-on-year growth in 64. 1%, year-on-year growth is higher than $2017 in 62. 5% to 68. 400 million yuan. Research institutions and industry analysis, LED display screen overall market space small spacing of 50 billion yuan, a huge growth space in the future. With small spacing technology matures, shrinking of distance between the point cost gradually decline, application field and further expand, constantly show business, even may enter the home, small spacing LED the market future is limitless. Technology leading, conveniently into small spacing between RGB components encapsulation trillion chi energy saving in the field of RGB encapsulation device, signs in the chi energy saving is not known by the industry. In industry, mega chi energy saving considerable reputation in the field of LED and TV backlight, there is no significant layout in RGB display field. Read signs in the chi energy saving customers territory, however, can be found that the global top 10 TV manufacturers in seven is its customers. At the same time, the international and domestic a line brand and signs in the chi energy saving to achieve long-term strategic cooperation. Plus after nearly 8 years of accumulation and precipitation, signs in the chi energy saving in the LED packaging industry has laid a solid technical and quality foundation, established the leading industry at home. Therefore, trillion chi energy saving layout RGB wrapper already have a certain foundation. According to trillion, head of the chi energy saving photovoltaic research and development center frequency, the parent company trillion chi shares bullish on the development of LED industry, investing heavily in the field of LED since 2017 for the whole industry layout, products cover LED epitaxial & amp; Chip, LED encapsulation and LED application. Because the backlight field and indoor display on the end demand have similarities, 2016 megabytes chi energy began to layout the Mini LED technology and stepped in display field. In the Mini LED technology has accumulated in-depth technology research and development, after trillion chi energy saving in 2017 officially launched the Mini RGB display project, and as a strategic priority invest a lot of resources. After nearly 2 years of r&d and test, trillion chi energy conservation projects for the Mini RGB display devices in mid - 2018 has been officially production, the main bulk supply to international companies, products obtained the customer high recognition. After nearly three years of accumulated research and development and production, signs in the chi energy saving for high-end RGB encapsulation device research and development, production, quality control and customer application has the rich experience. Is see the small distance between LED the huge development potential, coupled with mega chi group of the industry layout, as well as the nanchang intelligent factory production support, mega chi energy conservation completely cut can meet the demand of the product quality, cost, size small spacing. It is reported, at the end of 2018, trillion chi energy saving will be small spacing device on the product and market planning in 2019, based on a Mini RGB high quality high mature technology platform for those routes, began to participate in the small distance between RGB encapsulation device market competition, and small spacing leds may be defined as the third largest after plate, backlight business strategy business sector. In early 2019, trillion chi energy conservation has formed a professional r&d team, small spacing key layout SMD discrete device small spacing, follow up the COB technology reserves, key development, 1010, P1. 25 and under some span more than one product. At present, 1010 products has entered the stage of mass production. In the future, will trillion chi energy saving through leading products, the quality and efficiency of lead core competitiveness, strive for three years before he became a little distance between the three components is one of the main suppliers. Quality leads, casting small spacing packaging products considering the future small spacing LED display device in the business market will continue to accelerate penetration, and will continue to the larger density conversion, display lamp bead amount per unit area is improved, the market for small spacing device reliability, the cost will be more sensitive, future product quality, cost, size will be a little distance between the LED encapsulation device three factors of competition.
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