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Shenzhen, a new round of landscape lighting ascension work LED QiHuo opportunity

by:Atop     2020-09-13
With promoting wisdom city construction, landscape lighting in commercial real estate, the city and the scenic area planning, is playing a more and more important role, is also driving the market capacity rapidly increasing period. Under this big background, the local governments to accelerate the construction of urban landscape lighting, urban landscape lighting market space is huge, according to statistics, 2017 Chinese landscape lighting market up to 68 billion yuan, up 22% from a year earlier, is expected in 2018 up to 78 billion yuan, up 15% from a year earlier, the future market.     Learned, shenzhen is now in landscape lighting construction development, early 2017 issued by the shenzhen city lighting special planning, shenzhen will creat the leading domestic, international first-class and the city at night. And in March of this year, 'arts + technology', 2018, shenzhen cultural creativity and landscape lighting design BBS successfully held in shenzhen, also lay a foundation for shenzhen city landscape lighting to promote action, related departments also said he is expected to the end of August this year, shenzhen will finish this round of landscape lighting planning.     LED display, as an integral part of designs city-lighting project, is expected to usher in a new market opportunities for development, the industry a lot of screen are already hungry: & emsp;   LED companies compete for landscape lighting 'cake' Elijah DE LED screen companies have started early layout: in recent years, buying gold for lighting, zhongtian lighting, lighting engineering company, not only across the country to form regional layout, also the landscape lighting business and cultural tourism, LED display and VR/AR business has formed a good synergistic effect, and catch the opportunity of night cruise economy to detonate, form the strong performance of the breaking point.     In April this year, the autoart also said publicly, LED landscape lighting industry has a broad prospect, company will intensify investment in LED landscape lighting. In the first quarter of 2018 performance report, otto electronic also said to net profit increase substantially benefit from its layout in the field of outdoor landscape lighting.     In addition to autoart electronics, no. 15, chau Ming in the field of science and technology also in the increase of landscape lighting layout. In the second half of 2017, chau Ming hangzhou science and technology has acquired two years parker and tsinghua conley landscape lighting company, founded in early 2018 and announced the formation of enterprise group of landscape lighting, indicates the chau Ming technology comprehensive layout of landscape lighting in the field of determination.     With the speeding up of city modernization, the beauty of high-rise buildings have already can't meet the needs of urban landscape, building, city will be the night scenery of the city story design, more and more become the pursuit of advanced international city. At the same time, designs city-lighting is no longer limited to 'lighting', creative display, outdoor lighting and so on a wide range of subjects, including especially building facade work surroundings, make transparent screen, grille, LED screen immediately become hot, all of these to the LED display industry market development bring more opportunities.     Today, with more wisdom urban construction, landscape lighting are in the works toward the intelligent direction, whether LED lighting products, display products, or the engineering solutions, more emphasis on its wisdom, and the future with the increase of urban transformation, strength, market demand rapid increase, promotion, LED companies face the challenges and competition will only more and more, there will be more of LED industry not only, still have 'indigenous' lighting companies, even other 'outsiders', want to go further in the field of landscape lighting, in addition to relying on the diversity of its own products and the advantages of the comprehensive, also want to find their own direction, walked suits own path forward, don't be complicated market environment is brought into the ditch. This article from: China network security exhibition
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