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See the industry how to treat American LED to China enterprise launched 337 survey events

by:Atop     2020-08-15
Against the United States for 11 Chinese enterprises launched LED patent '337 investigation', otto electronic statement released on March 29 morning announcement, said it would take legal means to defend the lawful rights and interests. Analysts believe that us companies launched a similar LED patent litigation isn't the first time, suggested that Chinese enterprises vigorously. On March 27, the United States Ultravision Technologies on the basis of 'the 1930 year tax law' section 337 regulation, apply to the United States international trade commission, charged with Abby sen, otto electronic 11 Chinese companies such as exports to the United States, in the United States imported or sold in the U. S. LED lamp driver and its components ( 某些光引擎和组件) For patent infringement, request generally ruled out by the us international trade commission and the restraining order. Autoart electronic said in a statement, the company fully respects and does not infringe intellectual property rights of others at the same time, is also committed to through the legal means to ensure the independent intellectual property rights infringement is not affected by others. Company has won five American invention patents and 4 invention patent in the European Union. As the autoart electronic domestic business, overseas business proportion is reduced, and the company mainly in overseas markets in other areas, to the U. S. market is small, in 2017 sales revenue accounted for under 2% of the company. According to the news, otto electronic is actively carry out relevant investigation, as of the date of the announcement, not yet received official notification and other related documents. Late autoart electronic will closely related matters, coordinated national relevant industry associations and organizations, with all the necessary legal action to maintain the company legitimate rights and interests. As China's LED industry association, China association of optical photoelectron also said in a statement on March 28, the incident is the individual companies in a trade war with China under the background of speculation, the association will 'organization industry resources and strength, actively response to the 337 survey'. China optical photoelectron association said in a statement, the United States Ultravision Technologies company, founded in 2010, it holds two patents to waterproof as the main points, there is no substantial protection efficiency, the patent LED display for Chinese enterprises to export the United States, there is no substantive constraints and damage. In fact, as early as the characteristic of the patent products patent filed before by companies on the market in the United States, so the stability of the patent holding a lot of doubt. At the same time, the key technology patents do not belong to the core of LED display, whether the enterprise of the related products and technology of China to implement its constitute infringement to be, 337 survey specific forensics and infringement is complicated and lengthy process, the final result is uncertain. Jack zhang said to the first financial journalist analysis, in the field of LED, 337 America's earliest enterprise survey aimed at LED semiconductor chip patent infringement. Use infringement chip all the lights, and display products exported to the United States as assault against the patents, who will be targeted sanctions. So, in the United States, generally make consumers buy and patented products. And tax, osram, philips lighting, between Asia, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea companies such as samsung, has completed the LED chip patent authorization from each other. 'Events have occurred before 337 investigation, in view of the LED product patent litigation, not unusual. 'Said jack zhang, this is to do foreign trade enterprises to guard against, products exported to the United States, must have a U. S. patent authorized. Learned, involved in the survey of 337 companies, including Abby sen, ao tuo electronics, photoelectricity, Shanghai think twice, lehman state science and technology, yuan Ming heng photoelectric, leah DE, lianjian photoelectric, shenzhen glux visual-effects technology co. , LTD. , etc. LEDinside China research director, wang also told the first financial journalist, 337 survey is American companies have been used, one of the means of enterprise competitiveness, weaken the other countries LED industry often met once a year or two. Prosecuted enterprise, if you want to continue business in the United States, or suit, or settlement, such as state, hon Ming enterprise has a few years ago to 337 survey vigorously, the impact is not big. The 337 survey just under the background of a trade war, therefore more attention. , wang said that in the 337 investigation LED enterprises in China, Abby's, the proportion of exports to the United States lehman is higher, more than 20% of revenue, other companies in the U. S. market relatively modest. Another LED industry veteran observers Zhang Hongbiao believes that the United States Ultravision LED display Technologies, the company mainly do, prosecution primarily Chinese LED display. Most LED display technology is the patent for utility model, the relevant Chinese LED display enterprise display module technology ability has no less than American companies, most of the leading display companies also did a lot of patent layout, but in the United States patent layout is really less. Most of the LED display LED display businesses in the United States is China's enterprise contract, this part of the product at the American enterprise in patents should have better layout and avoid, at the same time, China's exports in the United States LED display is also most of the contract. So if investigations, the odds are fairly large, and the main risk is that the government now trump in positive trade protection, Chinese companies may suffer from unfair treatment. 'As China's LED enterprise globalization development, the enterprise needs to pay more attention to in the layout of the patents. 'Zhang Hongbiao said. This article from: lighting headlines LED China net
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