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See how giant view MicroLED market at home and abroad

by:Atop     2020-08-16
'In the industry have different perception of MicroLED, personally think that 3 - even Lead to five years to mature. 'Dry as photovoltaic market tell dongming, director of fire' in the early of exploration will be for a long time, but once the huge amount transfer is resolved, the industrialization also will accelerate. 'Wafer photoelectric product management director zhu yu also said, although individual companies are now in the development and research, but all met the technical bottleneck. First, as the size of the narrowing, according to the number of products use MicroLED will sharply rise, at this time will be very strict to the requirement of yield; Second, the huge amount transfer technology also needs to be overcome. For MicroLED commercially, the personage inside course of study basic hold relatively consistent view that future worth looking forward to, but the road of commercialization is still very far away. Have to say, by the industry as a LED the ultimate technology MicroLED, in power consumption, response speed, contrast, brightness, color saturation, the density of the display has LED and OLED incomparable advantages. First of all, because of the difference of both materials, Micro LED in brightness, the response speed, contrast and color saturation are likely to have better performance than OLED. And on the display density, Micro leds can be further breakthrough, in theory, if using Micro LED iPhone8, showed that the density can reach above 1500 ppi. It is also worth noting that MicroLED because each pixel can be addressed separately, separate, then increase the family knows the unique high brightness LED, let MicroLED screen can achieve high contrast, and very beautiful picture. In addition, in terms of power consumption, Micro LED can be 90% lower than LCD, 50% lower than the OLED. MicroLED, however, there are a lot of challenges. 錼 gen chairman Li Yunli pointed out that science and technology, Taiwan's LCD, LED industry is very mature, MicroLED technology there is no reason to difficult, the only problem is that transfer cost is too high, if the customer doesn't care about the cost, almost immediately MicroLED display can be commercial production, therefore, he thought, if transfer problem can be overcome, MicroLED is worthy of development technology. For MicroLED technical bottlenecks, Switzerland abundant photoelectric technology director PeiXiaoMing 2017 annual meeting, also said 'at present, MicroLED from a technical perspective is not difficult, but from the choice of process route and equipment for there is a big challenge. We can see are basically oral solution, but the real actual operation of the equipment can be said to be unique. 'In conclusion we can draw such a conclusion: the short-term MicroLED on lei chip miniaturization and huge amounts of transfer, and a rising cost driver circuit after the increase in the number, and ensure that such problems as single grain yield, cause MicroLED is still hard to come out. In spite of this, but the industry still believe will be the next generation of Micro LED display technology mainstream, and the domestic and foreign giants have intervened. Bloomberg reported on March 19, California, the company is a factory production secret MicroLED display, to replace the iphone currently in use of OLED displays. Hundreds of engineers are put into the project, and this technique may be used to Watch Apple first. In fact, apple previously acquired research and development technology of Micro LED display panel LuxVue technology company. According to the data of the south Korean government, in the past ten years, apple filed for a total of 11 MicroLED related patents, the LuxVue 23 patents applied for. That means apple a total master MicroLED patent number as many as 34. Foreign media pointed out that some of the apple applied for patents, is not necessarily the final use in a product or technology, apple's aim is to advance to hustle and containment of competitors, the dominant technology in the future competition. In this year's CES, samsung launched The world's first MicroLED television 'The Wall', this is a 146 - inch modular TV, adopting MicroLED technology, with amazing clarity and not restricted by size, resolution, or shape. Samsung announced, 'The Wall' will be on sale in August. At The same time, The message pointed out that LG electronics high-rise on February 21, visited pyongtaek city, located in gyeonggi province TV business, and points out that before September need to prepare for greater than The Wall of samsung TV MicroLED TV, LG electronics plans to use LG Innotek MicroLED. The domestic panel industry giant, has also joined the boe MicroLED research and development. On March 15, the boe said investors interactive platform, at present, the company has carried out MicroLED technology research, and made some progress. In addition, including the wafer photoelectric, HuaCan photoelectric, dry as photoelectric and three Ann photoelectric domestic LED chip giant stepped in to layout, looking forward to a first mover advantage in the display in the future. The world at the same time the supply of RGB tricolor LED wafer photoelectric, osram, only two, wafer photoelectric business opportunities can be obtained. With Micro LED technology, the brightness is not the main requirements, the main goal, must achieve zero defects and improve the production yield. Looking forward to the future, with photoelectric semiconductor equipment manufacturers can be long-term development technology based on MicroLED market. This article from: lighting headlines LED China net
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