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Sc: asynchronous control LED display graphic

by:Atop     2020-06-12
Asynchronous graphic control technology refers to the LED display has the function of storage and automatic playing on the computer to edit text messages and no grayscale images, through a serial port or network interface to other LED screen, then the LED screen automatically play alone. Generally shows a simple text information and pictures. Master PC will then need to display information and various control commands within the incoming screen panel by means of serial communication, within the screen panel contains single chip machine and memory, the screen panel will store information, and then according to the command to display on LED display. A, asynchronous control system has the following features: 1, because the control card memory space is limited, so the content of the show is more simple words and pictures, etc. 2, a system must first will be the default content stored in the control system, the display can be independent broadcast information file, not influenced by whether the computer boot. More than 3, applicable occasions for LED display area is lesser, and content to use time for a long time, often do not need to change. The point 1, 2, asynchronous control technology adapter: PC by serial port RS232 protocol through RS232 - RS485 adapter, the adapter for light type. 2, control panel: receive PC through serial communication transmission of information to display and various control commands, control panel contains MCU and memory, screen panel will store information, and then in accordance with the command to display on the screen. Characteristics are as follows: 1, the longitudinal points within 128, lateral points to 2000 points. If the longitudinal is 16 points, horizontal can reach 4000 points. 2, large capacity storage support secondary character Chinese font and a large number of proprietary type, storage capacity of 16. 3, can be controlled by computer, can also be offline shown separately. 4, information can be saved when the power is 1 year. 5, with functions of real-time clock calendar. Three, single line ( The four core) USES four wire system: a pair of difference twisted-pair receiving, sent another pair difference twisted-pair cable. Communication distance of 1200 meters. Adopt total line network structure, under the maximum load 32 bit machine. Four, special communication software screen LED is on sowing software, accord with the LED by screen control protocol. Meet many different length, different width of the single color or double color LED display text and graphics program editing and broadcasting. Every time send 16 screen show at most. Asynchronous control system is mainly used in the area is lesser, does not require a computer with a synchronous display of the occasion. The dynamic display of the article such as all kinds of screen and small screen, various types of users. In general, single color or double color LED display USES the asynchronous control system.
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