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Say hello and goodbye 2015 2016 LED display industry

by:Atop     2020-06-18

Goodbye, 2015, in 2016. You reap what you sow, you reap what you sow. Review 2015, despite slow growth in LED display industry, the market demand in cold, but we feel the deepest or LED the tenacity of the enterprise, they maintain confidence in the industry, or stick to or aggressive, the trial and error and layout, contributes own strength for industry development. In the transformation and upgrading of industry comprehensive advancement of 2015 years, related technical standards of gradually perfect, the enterprise innovation consciousness, patent consciousness, brand consciousness obviously improved; New products and new technology constantly emerging, China LED display products become important national or international sports events or activities of the "regular"; Small distance between the size of the market to expand further, transparent screen, emerging market segments such as soft module showed flourishing trend; In one of the company cried out, "hard times" environment, some industry listed enterprises and backbone enterprises in doing the "capricious" rich, under the drive of capital, scene after scene of spectacular "marriage" in succession, Evergrande, Matthew effect gradually highlight the strong stronger. This year, medium enterprises more firm determination, layout channel around channels carefully choosing layout, industry competition to brand competition with dual channel height, industry reshuffle effect. . This year, also have sorrow. Riptide is better than dead, however, endeavour is better than peace. Can fight can, at least we are on the way. In 2016, large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprise collaboration of industry ecology will further consolidate, big companies will pay more attention to the development of conventional products, product positioning is similar with large enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated by the market gradually; At the same time, under the new situation, the enterprise's strategic positioning and the allocation of resources will become more important, to expand the market innovation, bulk will be more companies go to break. It is said that 2016 be a turbulent year, but also the "normal" change of LED display industry, enterprises will face more crisis and the plight. Little imagine, to promote industry change, this is better for business. Do with enthusiasm, sincere things. In the face of 2016, in the hope that the LED screen can walk out of the gain and loss of 2015 enterprises, set sail again! In this winter's day, also wish sunlight hit you in the face and remains in your heart warm.
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