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Samsung electronics Q2 revenue $52. 3 billion, fell 4. 13%

by:Atop     2020-09-13
According to foreign media reports, samsung electronics, released on Tuesday as of June 30, 2018, the company's second-quarter results. Results show that samsung electronics in the second quarter operating profit of 14. 78 trillion won ( Us $13. 3 billion) , an increase of 5. 71%; Revenue of 58. 48 trillion won ( Us $52. 3 billion) , fell 4. 13%. Samsung electronics in the second quarter net profit of 11. 04 trillion won ( Us $9. 8 billion) And 11 from the same period a year earlier. 05 trillion won in 0. 09%. Samsung electronics second-quarter earnings data in accordance with the company had previously released preliminary results, but less than market expectations. Earlier this month, samsung electronics, according to preliminary results released the company's operating profit in the quarter was 14. 8 trillion won ( Us $13. 2 billion) 14, from a year earlier. 5 07 trillion won. 2%; Revenue of 58 trillion won, a 4 decline from a year earlier. 9%. Samsung electronics market analysts on average expected to operating profit of 15 in the second quarter. Net profit for the first 2 trillion won, 11. 6 trillion won. Samsung electronics net profit and operating profit of market expectations, mainly because of global smartphone growth is slowing down the market demand of the Galaxy equipment, as well as Chinese screen display competitor increasing competition to the market supply. Samsung electronics net profit year-on-year decline, and revenue reflects although elastic memory chip sales supporting the company's overall performance, but the company is faced with many difficulties in terms of mobile business. Smart phone manufacturers in China, millet, OPPO huawei global market share increased at the same time, Chinese display manufacturers also began to cheap TV, cutting-edge smartphone display screen and a series of samsung electronics products pose a threat. 'The Galaxy's decline, the integrated sales and marketing costs increase, affected the company's profits,' south Korean brokers (KTB Investment & amp; Securities analyst Kim Yang - Jae said in a report. 'Given the slowdown in demand and increasing competition, the company's profit growth may have little,' the analyst said in prior to the release of results. In the Chinese market, the world's largest semiconductor market, samsung electronics and SK hynix, meguiar's chip giant for conspiracy to manipulate the market price is facing the antitrust investigation. The three companies combined occupies more than 90% of global DRAM memory chip market. Samsung electronics chip unit operating profit of 11 in the second quarter. 6 trillion won, occupy 78% of the company's overall operating profit, September from a year earlier. 69 trillion won an increase of 44%. Memory chips third-party research firm InSpectrum Tech offer, according to data from the second quarter of this year the price of 32 gb DRAM memory chips from rose by 2. 8%; 128 gb NAND flash memory chip prices fell by 9%. Display panel business occupies the samsung another chunk of revenue. In a samsung and apple in the high-end smartphone market compete at the same time, the company is also the only supplier apple iPhone X OLED display screen. Samsung electronic display business operating profit of 140 billion won in the second quarter, less than 1 in the same period last year. 7 trillion won. Because is facing growing pressure from Chinese rivals, samsung smartphone sector in the second quarter operating profit fell to 2. 67 trillion won, 4 from the same period a year earlier. 06 trillion won fell 34%. After rising for ten consecutive years, as consumers begin to wait for the next generation of innovative new technology, such as the flexible screen and support 5 g mobile network equipment, the demand of the global smartphone market is gradually slowing down. 'Even people who want to have the latest functions of consumers, also it is difficult to pay a premium for a new performance and function of smart phones,' George Washington university management professor Paul Wurtz ( 保罗Swiercz) Said. 'Consumers no longer believe that the next generation of the grace to mobile phone will be more wise idea. 'Contains televisions and home appliance products of samsung electronics and home appliance business in the second quarter operating profit of 510 billion won, 350 billion won rose 45% from a year earlier. Samsung electronics in the second quarter performance benefit from the currency devaluation. The company had said earlier this year, for the company, is one of the biggest obstacles of global protectionism, warned its employees to be prepared for the potential impact. Samsung electronics is also in the extended memory chips and the capacities of the smart phone. Had announced last year, the company will invest 20 trillion won to boost its production capacity in South Korea chip, and completed this year in India to build the world's largest smartphone factory jobs. This article from: tencent technology
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