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Refond optoelectronics, bdo embellish of third-quarter revenue, experience in different degree of loss

by:Atop     2020-09-14
On October 31, news, recently, as more and more companies disclosed three quarterly reports, profit-seeking enterprise seems to have decreased respectively. Refond optoelectronics, bdo, both enterprise in terms of revenue or experience appeared different degree of impairment. Switzerland abundant photoelectric in the third quarter revenue 11 2018 years ago. 4 billion, at the same time reduce the 5. 99%; Attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 100 million yuan, rose 15. 69%. Switzerland abundant photoelectric Q3, left in the first three quarters performance indicators for this amount, right for the previous amount during the reporting period, ruifeng basically reached the same level of the operating cost of r&d has more significant growth, from the previous period of about 665. 900000 to 2281 for this issue. 970000. It is understood that in 2000, a few dream of youth, keen awareness of high-end LED the market's future prospects, monopolized by foreign companies in the industry, domestic technology under the condition of completely blank, he founded the first domestic a SMD LED manufacturing company - - - - - Switzerland abundant photoelectric 17 years insist, 'ruifeng' inherent innovation gene, always lead ruifeng become the domestic photovoltaic industry pioneer. The first LED, high-power ceramic first silica gel encapsulation TOP LED, the first TV backlight module, the first vehicle lighting LED module. 。 。 。 。 。 17 years of struggle, 'ruifeng' and 'high quality'. Products are all first-class brand enterprises at home and abroad. A line of global brands in all kinds of lighting, television, mobile phones, electrical appliances, automotive, security and other fields, has Switzerland abundant light source device. In the next 10 years, 'ruifeng continue adhering to the technology innovation as the core driving force, in the field of high-tech industry development. Lighting applications, LIFI, intelligent vehicle, new energy, laser display, health field and radar applications will be the focus of the company's future development. Bdo wetting of bdo revenue 29 in the third quarter of 2018 years ago. 8. 2 billion, at the same time reduce the 6. 50%; Attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 1370. 430000, an increase of 114 over the same. 04%. Bdo embellish of Q3 and in the first three quarters of performance indicators, according to bdo, in May 1996, was founded in zhuhai, listed on the shenzhen stock exchange in 2004, is a small home appliance, LED as well as related business and new energy group. Bdo wholly owned and holding companies, currently has more than 10, 2008 sales of more than 2. 6 billion yuan, the total number of employees nearly 10000 people, the main business including LED chips, LED epitaxial wafer, LED lighting, LED display, LED packaging, LED equipment and kitchen small home appliance manufacturing and services. Bdo, for many years was named 'hundred private enterprises in guangdong province', 'high-tech enterprises in guangdong province', 'zhuhai top ten private enterprises', etc. , is the largest in zhuhai private joint-stock enterprises. Bdo, results for the whole year this year is expected to result to turn a profit. Company, with this explanation first, during the reporting period and is expected to make the loss of asset impairment, disposal and scrap assets will fell; Second, because of the macro environment change, during the reporting period the company bank financing, interest expenses also has decreased; Third, the 12 bdo debt 'in the report period expired to honour, bear the interest on bonds fell, reduce the financial expenses; Fourth, because of the RMB exchange rate changes, 1-2018 September form exchange gain of about 12. 9 million yuan, 1-2017 September because of the RMB exchange rate changes of exchange loss 106. 95 million yuan. Fifth, part of the accounts receivable in the reporting period, the corresponding offset the provision for bad debt.
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