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Purchase of outdoor LED display in front of the nine technical considerations

by:Atop     2020-06-15
As is known to all, outdoor LED display adornment city sky, at the same time to enhance the value of building tower has very big effect. A set of photos from NASA's city night sky brightness, can from one side to show us the prosperity of a city. So, the outdoor display market is more and more big, the products are more and more, in the face of complex product on the market, how to choose the suitable LED display industry users want? Together to get to know before the purchase of outdoor LED display nine technical considerations. 1, outdoor LED display screen resolution, the personage inside course of study says P10, P20 and so on. This refers to the spacing, describes the display pixels and the pixels in the distance. Choose definition, general set-up of LED display based on the observation of most of the audience in terms of distance. 2, outdoor LED display screen brightness: outdoor LED display brightness design should not only can assure indoor full color LED display is normal when using color fidelity, image is clear, and can ensure the outdoor LED display of the bulb attenuation under the condition of more than 30% have enough brightness and video images of bright color. 3, outdoor LED display screen using the materials and structure of the design: 1) LED chips, LED chips should choose to choose high quality LED lights; (2) most outdoor LED display structure design is set-up in building surface, so the factors such as the weight of the product itself also want to consider. Several companies, domestic design products more light. When you choose the metope of glass curtain wall LED display, often want to consider a weight problem and the project cost. 4, outdoor LED display is a series of standardized products: series of products, its underlying meaning is profound, specification products after years of precipitation, at the same time also can indicate that the products can be selected in the fierce market competition. 5, outdoor LED display control mode: signal can backup this relationship a display can be sustained. 6, outdoor LED display aging process: simulate all assemble finished product electricity aging 72 hours straight, after they are qualified to field assembly. 7, outdoor LED display whether product quality control - of ISO9001 2000 quality certification system. 8, outdoor LED display system software: whether the operating system and support all kinds of series of new products. 9, outdoor LED display system function design, system can satisfy various requirements, multi-channel, can real time transmission of high-speed communication data and video interface. As is known to all, the development of the outdoor LED display for city bring a certain degree of visual feast, in addition, from the point of urban planning, rich outdoor LED display will also increase to some extent the urban landscape. Will tell from the outdoor LED display their own advantages, its technology is also very diverse. And attention and the purchase desire conversion between ultimate function is the outdoor LED display, advertisers should understand on the outdoor LED display is win the eye, with the size to win the market.
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