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Prosperity promoted degrees, LED the market orientation round

by:Atop     2020-09-15
In recent years, benefited from the Chinese government policy, financial support, and actively expand produces on its own technology and scale advantage, LED domestic enterprises get rapid development. In fact, since 2016, LED industry is in rapid development stage, the global LED market to maintain rapid growth comes mainly from the trend of general indoor lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, back light and outdoor LED large screen and other explosive growth. In 2018, with the improving of the the boom of LED, LED industry usher in a full recovery, the profitability of the listed company's industry inflection point. In the next 3 to 5 years, as the technology mature and reduced the cost, LED in the field of general lighting market penetration will increase further, and automotive lighting LED display applications continue to expand, small spacing is expected to usher in the LED industry a new outbreaks. From the LED industry companies in 2017 annual reports and quarterly reports. 1, 2018, the core of financial indicators of listed companies are all showed a trend of significant improvement, the core index including ROE, scale and growth, belong to the female net profit and revenue growth and gross margin, net profit and operating cash flow, etc. LED industry's core financial data improved significantly, verify the LED industry trends good solid and reliable. Market research firm predicts that in 2017 China lighting LED market size of 31 billion yuan, higher than the market, mainly due to the European and American economic recovery, China LED lighting exports growth. The transfer of the steady growth of market and production capacity, is the future of Chinese LED lighting market growth of the two main factors, considering the high penetration of LED lighting has, and change cycle is long, so the future market size will not show explosive growth, is expected in 2021 China lighting LED the size of the market reached 36. 3 billion yuan, 2016 - Compound growth rate of 7% in 2021. Enterprises to achieve growth, the market situation recently, optimistic HuaCan photoelectric held analyst meeting, conference, HuaCan photoelectric chairman yu 'they said, the current of the LED industry as a whole to maintain good, for the next three years LED downstream demand growth will be 10% or more, the LED chip supply the actual release of production capacity than we expected to be optimistic. Yu they pointed out that since this year LED chips the overall reduction in line with expectations, the company LED chip gross margin remained relatively stable. In addition, the Chinese enterprises to export the quantity of LED chips directly to overseas rarely, almost negligible, sino-us trade issues will not affect the new integration. Recently, leah, and masters have reported its net profit in the first half of 2018. From the point of two performance forecast report, two are implemented in terms of net profit of listed companies was substantial situation is optimistic. Benefit from the global various countries or regions of policy support, landscape lighting market scale will continue to improve, landscape lighting market will reach 275 billion yuan in 2017. The current Chinese landscape lighting market concentration is low, mergers and acquisitions accelerating integration. Leah, famous remit through continuous integration of mergers and acquisitions, strengthen the power and status in the field of lighting engineering. With the high cycle landscape lighting industry is expected to maintain, leah, famous hui also can obtain greater momentum. In the third quarter of the LED demand is expected to rebound, LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker wafer photoelectric said yesterday, because the relevant customers will replenish stock in response to the fourth quarter of peak demand, used for lighting and backlight LED chip demand is expected to rebound in the third quarter of 2018. Owing to the high inventory levels, lower than expected demand in the second quarter of this year. Because already make full use of the capacity of AlGaInP LED chips, the corresponding income proportion also rose from 25% in 2017 to the current 30 - 40%. In 2018, wafer photoelectric plans to expand its production capacity further 10 - 20%. Car display, general lighting and garden lighting, and infrared LED chip, strong demand for LED chips, is expected in 2018 used for horticultural lighting LED chip shipments will grow by about 50%. Throughout 2018, wafer photoelectric is expected to deliver 5629 in total. 9. 8 billion LED chip. In addition to the LED chip, wafer photoelectric has begun production VCSEL ( Vertical cavity surface emitting laser) Epitaxial wafer, mainly used for optical data transmission components manufacturing. In addition, the wafer photoelectric will increase in the third quarter of this year 6 inches VCSEL epitaxial wafer capacity, used in the manufacture of 3 d sensor and sensing element, the initial capacity will reach 1500 wafer, then will start small batch production in the fourth quarter. Although wafer photoelectric ready to start production for smart phones and game Mini LED chip, LCD backlight lighting but potential customers all want to be able to reduce the amount of chips and reduce overall production cost, and therefore postponed the use of the Mini LED backlighting for the development of new products.
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