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Processing of led electronic display image signal of the two methods

by:Atop     2020-03-15
LED electronic display screen is a kind of digital flat panel display, there are two ways of processing image signal: the first: the multimedia approach, often referred to as synchronous screen method. This method is to use common multimedia card capture TV signal, and mediate, filter and sound separation, etc. Then image signal after A/D conversion, to MPEG coding compression, in order to store. When we play need to unpack it, and then directly on the computer monitor. Transmission screen signals is through a dedicated interface card from the DVI interface of computer or video card, and some processing on the interface card. At this time, the big screen in fact equivalent to a computer monitor or part of it, often referred to as the window, can achieve synchronous display of one to one correspondence. Due to computer monitor is progressive scan, so, if you don't pick a frame of the transmitted signal line processing, large screen display format is the format of the monitor. The second: big screen using the special signal processor. It is the interlaced scanning of TV signal, processed into a progressive scan signal, and then played on the LED electronic display screen. And high-performance treatment function digits as high as more than 10, interpolation arithmetic to take when doing the scan conversion, motion estimation and compensation, and scan conversion, etc. Now large LED electronic display screen in this way, and more of the image signal processing, tries to elevate the signal to the broadcast, the effect is better, of course. Computer image processing, also should pass the processor and then transferred to the big screen.
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