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Plug-ins and patches of led display exactly what kind of product is good

by:Atop     2020-06-17
Along with the development of LED display, the middlemen to walk according to the customer's demand, the copy of single part of the people follow the middlemen, and part of the company follow the copy of those wholesalers in shenzhen became a boundless sun wukong in the industry, which way the wind blows, it said that the back part of the people followed down that way. Now market pattern may be this appearance, do not believe you can walk around to see see. But there is a problem not know can find, real wholesalers can do a good job, or is said not difficult also is so two or three, I said maybe you feel scare, but the fact is such, supplier only two or three companies for the loan, the other the quality is no good, size can not reach a certain height, will slowly shrink ( This is a very consciously) After, appear this situation, stress, some amount wholesale manufacturers, no profits, and will be faced with production, and even face ~! It says so much seems to have nothing to do with the title, but these have very big concern, outdoor display market orientation is to point to the patch, the patch why has become the mainstream market, because maybe some people don't know, just lower the price, how to get from customer orders, that the only way is to reduce the price, the price for the customer, when buying things mirth, when using a tear a nasal discharge, should not cry day, cry to work. From the production process, SMT production complete machines, artificial just get it from the machine, put a line aging. Part of this factory for the time of this patch aging have not done, on the one hand machine is more expensive than artificial, on the other hand the machine speed, but SMT production is only primary stage, known as the certification of stage, certification result is good or bad, only the mice to speak. Patch of PCB requirements is not high, do not need 1 ns circuit board copper foil, although it is double deck plate, but the thickness is 1. 2 mm, because the light is very low, so at the time of glue need only 1/5 of the plug-in display screen is enough, which lights have the SMD3535 packaging company can clap breast said, this thing has no problem, I think even the big famous assembly house all dare not to stand up and clap breast, it is said the difference between patch and plug-in from the aspects of production. In terms of price, for a majority of people with product is cast, the somebody else tell you accumulate IC, and the model above is clear, you may believe it is true; Branded IC can be less than the real thing a square a few dollars. Found a problem, everyone write when writing the plan of Taiwan wafer, and inferior write encapsulated, if careful people go to ask them, they encapsulate without Taiwan wafer lamp, far above the price still have certain distance. Circuit boards, perhaps two companies with the production of the good semi-finished products with you to talk about project, perhaps circuit boards printed words, see that maybe you think they are a company's products, this case, you also can compare the prices, dazzling. , the selection of wire rod is based on customer demand, I believe that low price must be not gb copper clad aluminum wire, not letter you can test it. And plug-in LED display, the display itself, in the industry in a long time, on cooling the hand he overwhelmingly big advantage than the patch, on brightness hand, patches of red light has the highest brightness do 700 MCD, and plug-in can do 1100 - completely More than 1300 MCD, see will find a problem, the plug-in ph10 do lamp drive separation is not easy, but the patch is easier, from heat, in brightness, from life, than the heights of the patch a few times, if you are a knowledgeable, think about it!
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