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Photoelectric tell you how to subdivide the stage led large screen

by:Atop     2020-06-25

Atop Led Opto Electronic tell you how to subdivide the stage of Led large screen Atop the Led Opto Electronic tell you how to subdivide the stage Led large screen in today's society, the party stage appears more and more Led large screen above, and it use its own advantages, give full play to its own characteristics, also can let the party show grace many, now it's time to look at the stage of Led large screen can be subdivided into several parts. 1. The main screen ( The home screen) , generally speaking, set up in the middle of the backdrop of the biggest piece of LED large screen can be said as the main screen, the vast majority of cases, it is a square, can be a square, or rectangular. Due to the home screen display of the content is more important, so it is to compare the imaging effect of good, also require relatively large pixel density. The home screen now technology is more mature stage mainly P4, P5, P6. 2. The secondary screens ( Vice screen) Screen, are usually set up on either side of the home screen, foil is used for the contents of the home screen play, so it plays most of the content is more abstract, such as dancing fireworks, flashing box and so on. Therefore, vice screen pixel pitch will be bigger, generally USES the P7. 62, P8. Because many parts are the contents of the screen and play with mesh, also known as color screen. 3. Video expansion screen, concerts, large stage performances will commonly use the larger sites, in some places are not clear on the stage performance, the sides will be placed on the big screen, to live on the scene of the stage, the screen can be called a video to expand, the specification is often similar to the home screen. In some KTV, bars, dance halls and other places will also be used in the stage of some shapes led large screen, the abnormity of led large screen is often based on the overall structure of the environment, places in led large screen transformation, on the basis of their specifications can be customized according to the actual situation, make modelling more changeable, let the place environment to a new level, give a person a kind of the feeling of dreaming.                                

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