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Parsing LED display packaging industry in China under the new situation development direction

by:Atop     2020-08-25
Speaking of LED encapsulation, it is at the beginning of the rise of LED industry in China, Chinese enterprises into the LED industry major breakthrough. LED industry in China started late, grip in LED core technology by international companies, under the condition of the upstream chip end is difficult to step in, Chinese enterprises have to choose technical difficulties is not very high, relatively low entry barriers of encapsulation, and up to the downstream extension to expand. Development to today, our country LED encapsulation has reached the international first-class level. LED packaging link is no longer a simple assembly link, but a part of the technical level of the production technology and test.     For LED display, LED device packaging accounted for 30% of the cost - 70%, and the quality of the packaging directly closed the quality of the LED display. For a long time, the progress of the LED display device packaging technology will promote the development of LED display; And with the development of LED display screen to hd display, its encapsulation technology of the LED display components and so on demand more and more is also high. Current LED display industry, give priority to with table paste encapsulating, upright type with COB packaging coexist at the same time, but since last year, COB technology gradually by the display manufacturers, at the same time, the Mini LED, Micro LED technology is also widely referred to. In the face of this new trend, we LED packaging companies and how to deal with? LED display device encapsulated eventually will go tomorrow, these have become the concern of the enterprise. LED display device packaging technology development & emsp;   To understand the current LED packaging industry development present situation and future trend, the first thing we have to review the development of packaging industry in our country. About the rise of LED industry in China in the 1980 s, the development of LED display packaging device mainly experienced dot matrix module, upright type ( 灯) , and the table, table posts ( SMD) Several stages. Is about to go to the limit, so some display parts of the industry are turning to the COB display. Above we have mentioned something about COB encapsulation technology principle, compared to the SMD encapsulation, COB is easier to achieve small spacing, but there are inky COB due to its uneven, consistency, and low once through yield of problem, lead to can't mass production, in recent years has been occupying smaller share of the market.
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