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Parsing LED companies experience marketing road to face 'three obstacles'

by:Atop     2020-08-26
In the consumer to upgrade market environment, the factors of excitation for clients to buy is not the product itself, transferred to the product outside of the emotion. 'In the consumer when we are not pay for one thing, but for our emotional needs to pay', especially to meet the customer's purchase experience, experience, and even after sales experience. As the industry into the depth adjustment, now many screen companies begin to pay close attention to the interactive experiential marketing, these days more and more experience, marketing center around, screen companies also wants to borrow 'experience marketing' achieve new breakthrough. Through interactive experience, more to the spread of brand culture and the promotion, to enhance the own brand marketing efforts. This is also in recent years, experience marketing in China LED display market has not the crux of the rapid fall to the ground. Now alone experience marketing, the implementation of the ground and the Chinese LED display manufacturers generally have three big challenges: a: continuation of old ideas go new way, 'cheered don't hit'; Some display manufacturers hope that through 'experience marketing' facilitate the transformation of business model and business philosophy, in particular to promote the sales of high-end products accounted for. However, in the process or excessive pursuit of the experience of hardware environment luxury; Either excessive pursuit of the user in the high-end product sell-through rate, eventually the experience shop sales outlets and make it, ignore the essence of 'experience'. In the process of the ground and implementation of experience marketing, screen enterprises must pay attention to, can't repeat the past 'price competition' old routines. Now, better means is: improved product as the core function and value of the release; Strengthen the user needs and pain points for the center to solve. 2: ignore the core of the experience marketing, no meet users emotional experience; In general, experience marketing for products belong to high-end display products, the products customers tend to be more care about the value of the product itself, rather than the price, so to meet customer product operation experience and the service demand and so on various aspects, must be able to better attract the target customers, screen are a series of good products can be put in a suitable space, find a group of users, the right to let them get more by means of experience, better returns. Some vendors in the exploration of experience marketing layout, because of the lack of relevant experience, easy to rush, are more likely to pursue the metaphysical results. But not a demand for products, technology and user 'simmered' process and cycle, more ignored the core requirements for the users satisfaction, it is easy to hit 'wall'. Three: jump out of the products as the center of the old system in the past, to build new user-centered management system; Experience marketing key, is to find the right for appropriate products user requirements, the biggest problem is that many current LED display manufacturers, continue to offer differentiated good products to target customers the ability to ascend; Want to in the process of experience marketing a product to meet the needs of all users is absolutely won't work, it can only be 'experience marketing' pseudo innovation. Experience marketing is the most high-end transformation to link the whole LED display industry. Early also need to solve product refactoring, and the marketing ability of reconstruction; Really want to around the age of change, adhere to technological innovation, to meet user needs; Really deeply user communities, providing them with a more professional and detailed products, solutions and services. This article from: search LED LED display channels
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