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Parse the key factors affecting LED industry market in 2018

by:Atop     2020-08-25
In the first half of 2018, LED industry seemingly insipid, but undercurrent. From the international market level, including the sino-us trade friction and American companies in China LED the 337 survey of the enterprise, to casting a shadow over the domestic LED industry development; From the enterprise level, the real control of many listed companies change ( Or change) Add a variable, make the LED industry future development; From the point of development strategy, including the expansion, the combination and release new products, make the LED industry to maintain good growth. 'Area' and 'going out' strategy bring huge opportunities in 2018, the Chinese economy from the high-speed growth stage to high quality development stage, along with the development of the construction of the 'area' and 'going out' strategy of deepening, as the global LED industry in China is the most important production and export base, exports have bonuses are starting to emerge and gradually released, this LED to domestic enterprises to exploit the international market has brought great opportunities. Throughout the global LED market in recent years, in addition to the rising demand for European and American markets, South American countries such as Brazil, Chile, and India, southeast Asia and other emerging markets increasingly vigorous momentum of development. In the current domestic market competitive environment, the Chinese LED enterprises to 'go out', to seize market opportunities. Mergers and reorganization is a highlight LED industry LED industry enterprises are numerous, competition is more intense, consolidation mergers and acquisitions in recent years continuous fermentation. Through the analysis of 2013 - Typical m&a events since 2014. We found that the LED industry m&a types is given priority to with horizontal mergers and acquisitions, the main purpose of the enterprise m&a is through mergers and acquisitions can be complementary advantages, with strong competitiveness of enterprises in some respects, major business bigger and stronger, to expand the market share. Some experts think the integration of the LED industry mergers and acquisitions will continue, the LED industry for each of the listed companies in the future there are other, unlisted companies. Business continues to decline, especially those of the original to the transformation of the LED industry, through mergers and acquisitions are more likely to achieve the LED business development by leaps and bounds. Vigil, architecture and landscape lighting market economy arise from the demand side, cities in improve the grade of the city and has spared no effort to build tourist attractions. Especially in mainland China, cities are at a huge sum of money to build a night cruise on the economy. With motion control technology in combination with the LED curtain wall on the riverbank, shore, shore and city square space in the form of light music show to shape cultural city experience. In mainland China, 300, 2800 county cities, such as a year only 5% of the city's push, designs city-lighting project level can be formed billions of dollars of landscape lighting market demand. Sports LED lighting market demand release currently, represented by the stadiums is speeding up the LED lighting professional lighting market penetration. It also brings a lot of focus on professional lighting market enterprises huge potential market opportunities. According to much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, the state will actively promote sports venues of sports professional technical services, to carry out the site open, health service, sports training and competition performance, sports guidance, health management, and other sports management services. According to research high production LED research institute ( GGII) , according to conservative estimates during the period of 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' only China sports venues for LED lighting and intelligent control, new demand will reach 15 billion yuan of above, at the same time, the traditional venue lighting LED reform demand of about 10 billion yuan of above. Conclusion: in 2018, LED display industry from technology, market and service constantly optimized, such as multilayer surface will usher in new era. Technical level, the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, especially the rapid development of the underlying technologies such as artificial intelligence provides the industry more mature and complete technical foundation. Service level, LED display product by providing personalized service and a new interactive way promote value-added space, optimize the user experience. Market level, the concept of industry sales channels and is undergoing profound changes, before loading and after loading two patterns go hand in hand, indoor, outdoor smart, at the same time the new retail concept has been driving the development of industry. More and more intelligence of LED display products, provides a more efficient and more convenient for terminal customers product experience. LED display products, of course, if you want to go further, there are still many problems to be solved. This article from: China security network search LED show
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