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Panel factory rapid expansion of production capacity, China South Korea OLED panel panel factory

by:Atop     2020-08-03
A few days ago, in the face of Chinese panel factory rapid expansion of production capacity, experts say, organic light-emitting diode (South Korea panel factory OLED) Panel, Taiwan factory stick to the LCD panel, lock mini light emitting diode ( 迷你LED) Back light products change. International data corporation ( 国际数据公司(IDC)) Senior market analyst at Chen Jianzhu said the panel factory rapid expansion of production capacity, even to south Korean both samsung monitors, LGD panel factory had to compromise, planning and transformation is given priority to with OLED panel products, future Korea factory could only keep LCD factory in China, South Korea local comprehensive transformation of OLED panel production line. Chen Jianzhu pointed out that the Taiwan factory at this stage because of cost factors, not a lot of input OLED panel production line, can only continue to stick to the LCD panel market, but choose to adopt a higher order of mini light emitting diode ( 迷你LED) Back light. , he says, South Korea's samsung mobile phones with OLED panel display production leading global, the highest market share, except for group samsung brand mobile phone use for many years, in recent years, more iphone supply; But with large size TV OLED panel with LGD's leading investment, using white light OLED technology, the samsung monitors also to match quantum dots, production of large size OLED panel, Korea factory has the OLED panel will be fully transformation plan is put forward. Machine factory in China, he says, panel factory speed capacity expansion, under the pressure of the two panel factory in Taiwan, group has publicly declared, not into a factory is expensive, the evaporation process of OLED panel production line, but to maintain the existing LCD panel production line, but in the panel on the back light, with much higher levels of Mini LED. Auo, group said, the Mini LED back light liquid crystal panel is the best choice for improving the quality of products at the present stage, the cost is lower than the OLED panel a lot, but quality than the OLED; Auo e-sports display panel lock market first, the Mini LED back light liquid crystal panel, innolux into large size will be the priority of public display market. On the other hand, Chen Jianzhu said, the light emitting diode ( Micro LED) LCD panel is probably the next generation of Taiwan panel may be one of the options, but technically due to huge amount transfer problems to be overcome, so in a short period of time still not be mass production; To be immediate, see the effect, is to push Mini LED back light liquid crystal panel, can let the panel better image quality, brightness, color contrast also improved significantly. However, rhenium DE group rhenium treasure announced on May 14, science and technology, and global micro light-emitting diode ( Micro LED) Manufacturers of neptunium and science and technology ( 氮化) Strategy alliance, joint construction produce small size of Micro LED display. Rhenium treasure to science and technology, said the large size Micro current LED panel technology really is not mature, so the investment is small size panel, even smaller than mobile phone panel size of the product. Rhenium group is headquartered in hsinchu, Taiwan, bases around the world including jiangsu kunshan, Tokyo, Japan, the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Han Guoqing state. , etc. , can make business team in the shortest possible time to make the most explicit decisions, a sharp rise in the rhenium between DE and other trade competitiveness. Ritek co. , LTD. , founded in 1988, is Taiwan's first optical disc factories. Since its establishment, and constantly committed to the technology, quality and capacity of ascension, not only research and development to create the first piece of CD, DVD, and OLED, more of the world's largest optical disc factories at present. Rhenium, all r&d staff in order to 'engineer' life in the future self requirements, using the 'preview', 'patent', 'developing specifications', 'dominant market' development strategy, such as target to become the world's record type disc technology leader. Set piconets set piconets
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