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Outdoor SMD led display the difference between 4 feet and 6 feet

by:Atop     2020-06-25

Outdoor full-color RBG display devices, based on the reliability and the circuit design into consideration, 6 feet a common choice, but to pursue more and more high resolution as the market, the size of the device is more and more small, the 6 pin a device designed to provide better technical requirements. At the current outdoor P4 - P8, for example, the resolution of the resolution for the lamp beads as SMD2727 size devices. The size, in terms of device bracket, 4 pins and 6 pins a critical point of design. 6 pins for stents design face higher technical requirements, such as waterproof structure design, fixed, welding line function of roughness, etc. , will face a lot of technical challenges. Due to large pin, and 4 pin is easier to design, facing the technical problem is less. To support production. So, stent manufacturers tend to choose four pin structure. In terms of encapsulation, the structure of the two different pin lamp bead performance it was significant difference between the two: one, reliability 1, pin metal functional areas the proportion of relatively less than 4 pins, the internal stress of less corresponding packaging device. 2, 6 pins support design, fixed welding line because of its extremely, is not altogether chip connecting the anode and the bracket of a relatively short, short cables, larger chips under stress ability. Relative to 4 pin device, its reliability will be higher. Table 1 customer the results in table 2 crystal table the result of the experiment 2, the cooling performance chip is on a separate pin, but the welding line is by the difference. The function of the welding line has two, one is connect conductive function, another is to achieve heat transfer function. 6 pins have adopted a more direct transmission design, the work temperature of junction temperature is relatively low, in favor of the reliable of the device. 6 pin device design, has a more even greater heat dissipation area, better able to take the heat out. Three post 2727, panel application looks encapsulation of 4 pins and 6 pin, schematic diagram in board design technology remains the same, only the original PCB diagram for version upgrades, want to be in a normal on cost PCB figure version to upgrade. Because the pin number is more, in the process of production of lamp bead high temperature heat absorption is lower when the welding operating a single pin, can better protect the chip and lamp bead internal structure.                                

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