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Outdoor LED display problems and opportunities

by:Atop     2020-06-05
In February, the State Council published "about the second batch of cancel 152 central designated local implementation of the decision of the administrative examination and approval matters", which was cancelled of outdoor advertising, it is great for outdoor advertising industry is good, it can improve the efficiency of the outdoor ads, greatly reduces the outdoor LED the vacancy rate, further expand the market share of LED display screen. 1) Market growth is slow for tier 1 cities, traditional outdoor media company has occupied a large number of city commercial circle, but in recent years, in addition to the cost pressure appeared gradually, covers an area of cost, the increase in the screen cost and operation cost, the rapid development of Internet and new media advertising platform and make the digital outdoor LED media growth is slow, profitability fell. 2) Outdoor LED advertising creative fatigue compared to western three campaign ads, ads follow America's actual effect in our country, but too pay attention to form and executed, blindly pursuing big scene, big, serious lack of the most prominent creative. Which LED outdoor LED display has been the latest consolidation area is large, spelling a product upgrade, the shackles of the development of LED display technology progress. 3) LED display light pollution is well known, because of the high brightness LED display, features such as large area, brings to the city a certain degree of visual pollution, which is complained more a poll. In addition, from the point of urban planning, too many inappropriate LED display will be damaged to some extent of urban landscape. 【 Opportunity 】 1) Technological innovation to speed up the digital upgrade at present domestic most of the digital outdoor LED display equipment, from a technical level, the deep participation is still short of science and technology, technology development, product application surface were compared. Abroad in recent years, the number of outdoor media group have seen the quality of 3 d display increased significantly, which combined with technology costs down, means that in the present is a kind of is not only feasible but also make people eyeball of outdoor advertising facilities. 2) To experiment with the social media interaction from digital LED display outdoor LED display their own advantages, it is a balance of dynamic and static all-around breakthrough tradition carrier, will tell from broadcast way already contains three modes: pure TVC video playing, electronic magazine, FLASH creative way to play. In terms of technology, the digital outdoor LED can be very diverse, more can be implemented through interactive multidirectional communication way more than one screen screen linkage and interaction, the interaction between power outdoor media and consumers.
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