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Outdoor led display manufacturer in the new situation, how to transform

by:Atop     2020-06-06
1, product structure adjustment against China in 2017 is a tell a year of development, the informationization, intellectualization, energy conservation and emissions reduction, network, Internet + the era of rapid development. The information age, the traditional form of print advertising will be replaced by digital media comprehensive. Our country dominated by LED large screen on the city streets billboard replacement rate is slightly higher than the United States. All-weather digital outdoor large screen's revenue is equal to about the same size 4 - of traditional outdoor billboard revenues 6 times. Traditional and modern form in the streets and put together, is the current advertising landscape. Digital billboard made more, not only have strong extrusion effect on traditional advertising, own the digital type of media is also constantly diminishing marginal utility. At present in the mobile era, traditional billboards and digital billboard vacancy has become a common phenomenon, in urgent need of the structure of urban outdoor advertising and development path for review. 2, greatly reduce the energy consumption of the products by rights, there is no can't sell in the world. Many big screen vacancy rates as high as 70% above, because of his advertising prices fail to attract enough of the brand. And the root cause of the high prices, in addition to the original purchase price is higher, on electric energy cost is too high is also a reason. America LED billboard, also once questioned by the environmentalists, refers to the all-weather LED billboard, energy consumption is 30 - the average American family 46 times. The American association of outdoor advertising for this caution, requirements reduce the power consumption of five 6, this would require the power consumption from 660 watts to 110 watts per square foot. Today, China's LED screen manufacturer home, Atop co. , LTD. , outdoor energy-saving LED display the average power consumption per unit area is about 100 watts. Atop is a good option. Reduce energy consumption from another side is another part of the revenue to advertisers. 3, since the rapid development of media a LED screen, outdoor space radiation has the property of localization and information service radius. Any big screen has wanted to be in the visual coordinates. Why not well? Is the correlation of content is not enough. Many content and through passing pedestrians audience have nothing to do, even with surrounding medium and small businesses also does not have anything to do, also known as: the power of outdoor media forced to watch. Industry currently takes the big customer, but the big brand advertising form, has been with the media can produce gap. And improve the key to Chinese general consumption level, is that a small company and the personal consumption level of ascension. Have the outdoor screen purchase platform, stylized LED screen can allow more clients via smartphones, low frequency, low total price cutting, filling the vacancy of fragmentation and attracted a large number of surrounding community residents, shops, restaurants and so on become production content by advertisers, for everyone's a major Chinese dream to add, make planning, Hershey onto the big screen, the Chinese etiquette makes happy LED information consumption residents daily consumption habits of Shared economy. 4, innovative, interactive street LED screen is more and more become the localization of the media ( 我们的媒体) , is the trend of the Internet era, will also form new distinctive social cohesion street visual node. A large number of pedestrians, residents, shops, restaurants, improvisation or planning to create anytime and anywhere with the Chinese dream as the theme of multivariate advertising content, will certainly to the differentiation and diversity of form and content, for big mainstream lifestyle branding and business undoubted social values. GIF dynamic figure, barrage, and even small augmented reality and virtual reality will be in the streets of the big screen is deduced, further sublimation and discover talents. Real-name templated content distribution, but for commercial freedom of expression in order for domestic management mode. 5, scene interaction can LED large screen had effectively on the right targeted the default content, strengthen the consumer field experience, let people saw the ads they want to buy, is the most basic reasons, most of the advertisers so-called "I don't know where 50% of the advertising budget by" lament, is actually to optimal choice of the results of the NTH power. Therefore, in addition to the purchase and delivery platform, covering the whole country in the procedural arrangements, should also include real-time scene analysis of the localization and random broadcast matches the default content, to get more big brands of the budget, to increase all kinds of effective ( Money and information) The liquid distribution. To fit based on the location of the push and based on the characteristics of digital advertising media, software and hardware integration of intelligent cameras, sensors, Wi - Fi and bluetooth low power consumption, etc. , should be the new standard on the maker of LED screen, and links the cloud pool of advertising content library and data processing platform. 6, represents the future city beautification of urban space large information display, as an intelligent real-time interactive digital billboards, LED large screen can in wisdom city construction and its place in the future urban renewal? Whether on the streets of city emergency mechanism can make all people quickly see warning, or innovative city construction epidermis ever-changing visual comfort at night, all need have a appropriate ratio of building materials to fully embody the "facade as media". Due to the new product ( Led energy-saving screen, hollow out soft screen screen, screen, screen, led display screen) By leaps and bounds of technology, the LED printing line ( COB) Glass also has appeared, the skin of construction that can be arbitrary modelling or curtain wall of the LED screen, not only will be building decoration materials, even can become the structural properties of building materials, for the new generation of architectural aesthetics and the urban space aesthetics methodology of add a practical technical support.
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