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Outdoor full-color LED large screen based on outdoor advantages

by:Atop     2020-03-13
Outdoor full-color LED large screen is a kind of outdoor LED display, is currently widely used display the entire market. Application places: outdoor advertising, advertising media, business, hotel, sports, education system, commercial real estate companies advertising and public service places, outdoor large screen brightness is strong, wide at the Angle of view. There are many advantages do you know what? Atop the Led Opto Electronic belt for you reveal the mystery full-color Led display, screen brightness: PuLiang 5500 CD/highlighting 10000 CD. At noon light illuminated by display advertising effect, also works for outdoor display show basis. Second, the media in a variety of forms: outdoor full-color LED large screen as a kind of advertising media, types of advertising forms, compared to traditional advertising media more entertaining, show more widespread. Three, content iteration quickly: outdoor advertising content updates, at any time according to the actual requirements to set up and replace content, operation simple easy to use. Four, external protection grade: uv radiation is strong, the external protection grade IP65 above, to cope with the vagaries of the weather, waterproof, moistureproof, lightning protection and other advantages. Five, the green environmental protection and energy saving: LED light-emitting devices by the China environmental product certification, material is LED lamp bead, the high quality material will not cause environmental pollution, also convenient for recycling. Six, low power consumption power: the general working voltage is 2 - 3. 6 v, working current is zero. 02 - 0. 03A。 It means that the electrical energy it consumes less than 0. 1W。 Seven, long service life: under the condition of reasonable, LED the service life of up to 100000 hours. Considering the use of outdoor full-color LED large screen environment different, affected by environmental factors, the service life of display generally amounted to less than 10 hours, usually play can reach 6 hours. Eighth, smooth picture is clear: without splicing gap between large screen, high frequency refresh, display effect more beautiful, conform to the contemporary visual point of view, strong visual impact feeling!
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