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Outdoor display brightness is too high to be hurt

by:Atop     2020-06-04
Outdoor display brightness is too high, cause light pollution, if in the special geographical position, are more likely to affect the driver visual irreparably personal property losses, and lake in changchun PuYang street west road intersection there is a large LED display, because the screen location, just a turn in the west expressway of nodes, past the driver here reflect, big screen lighting and advertising is easy to be distracted, sometimes lead to people, but has a safe hidden trouble. Reporters will be the giant screen affect driver eye problems reflect to the changchun area net month petition offices, the staff said, they are going to investigate. At the same time, the reporter understands by doctors, strong light can cause a distraction and blurred vision. Reporter in the 2nd night watching the LED display affect drivers eyes situations found that reporter when a train close to the big screen, eyes will not independently to LED advertising screen, when the eyes from the focus on the LED large screen is transferred to the road, will produce a slight discomfort, blurred vision is short. Changchun metcalf jv a eye hospital, the doctor said people in observing things encountered strong illuminant, eyes will give priority to focus light strong things, this is a natural reflection of the eye, bright light can also cause people distracted. For the giant LED display is easy to be distracted, the reporter contacted district environmental protection bureau inspection team changchun net month, supervisory personnel tell reporter, no corrosive LED billboard nighttime brightness control numerical aspects of hard and fast rules, so the supervisory personnel cannot be aimed at the problem of "light pollution" managed effectively. While inspection team cannot direct investigations this giant LED advertising screen whether there is the problem of "light pollution", but by changchun net month area management committee LED by multiple departments, with the comprehensive appraisal of the billboard. Changchun area management committee net month petition offices staff, said they have put the problem of the display screen on record, then can contact related department investigation.
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