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Outdoor advertising LED screen safety concerns LED screen down the wind need technology to upgrade

by:Atop     2020-08-16
Outdoor LED the early success stories, is indeed a outdoor advertising market dominance, fire to almost every city has a 'time square'. But after years of wind and rain baptism, outdoor LED image in the eyes of people seems to have turned down, 'psoriasis' has become a lot of cities. First of all, there are serious security hidden danger, for a long time, the security problems of outdoor LED display, with the rapid expansion of early outdoor LED display market, leading to the cause of the accident, to sum up the basic can be divided into 'natural' and 'man-made' two cases, the former belongs to disrepair, circuit aging caused by negligence of management, and short circuit; The latter is in order to save cost and man-made safety hidden trouble, in front of fierce market competition, some enterprises in order to save costs, from production to installation is in a state of 'can save a province', what is more, at the beginning of the design is not redundant, one thousand ways to 'save' the cost of each link. Second, LED to the contradiction between the residents' living environment is becoming more and more obvious, the LED panel light pollution, noise pollution of the news, in advertising and guarantee to seek balance between the surrounding residents quality of life, is each outdoor LED display advertisers need to consider the problem. In addition, the scope of their functions and powers of the cross and repeated for outdoor LED display management has brought a lot of difficulty, and the resulting residents complain 'difficult', in turn, affect the public image of outdoor LED display. In demolition of outdoor LED display reason, various eyesores consolidation is crucial. Conduct outdoor advertising development, brought a lot of problems, urban appearance management now lined the streets of the size of the billboard has no influence on the city clean and tidy, and since 2017, many domestic also follow the outdoor advertisement clean-up and rectification has been paid to a lot of outdoor LED display screen object. The sudden 'split screen' let advertisers and media companies are facing problems, many LED display manufacturers also face cool the market situation. Affected by this the 'split screen', a lot of advertising operators, not only forced to stop this in operation of advertising resources, is ready to develop new project can only be delayed, a new management schemes can. And department of outdoor LED screen manufacturers are involved by this, even in the traditional peak season, is also the business cold. Market problems highlighted industries tend to be more rational outdoor LED the market today has gradually towards rational, certain market scale, and the amount is considerable, but it is still faced with many problems and challenges. First of all, is the high vacancy rate of problem to be solved. According to relevant organizations, the survey found about 70% of the LED outdoor advertising company at a loss, 15% of the company is in a state of balance of payments, only 15% of the company's earnings, more than seventy percent of the LED outdoor advertising display the vacancy rate is as high as 70% - 80%, LED outdoor advertising industry generally embarrassing, domestic operators also to make ends meet. In addition, under the trend of mobile media marketing booming, outdoor LED media exhibition situation is not optimistic. Related to the personage inside course of study show that since 2016, compared with growth of outdoor media, such as the building, subway, airport, outdoor LED media growth is slow, even presents the negative growth trend. In addition, because the market is saturated, the second-tier cities, and large and medium sized cities gradually restrictions on the number of outdoor advertising, marketing demand gradually sinking, customers have been targeting to three or four line city following, gradually expand the market at a lower level on the line. , of course, also has the expert thinks, outdoor LED the development of the media may be welcomed * time, there are two reasons: outdoor LED the media to cooperate with customers at all levels of the wide range on the market, standardization, rapidness operation demand has a unique advantage; Second, the LED is the media resource is very abundant form of outdoor media, can greatly satisfy customer demand for the broad market coverage. Outdoor LED screen should be from technology to the transformation of business model innovation complex and changeful market environment puts forward new requirements to the outdoor LED company, which requires the outdoor LED must innovate transformation from technology to business model, will be able to adapt to the market, keep the lasting competitiveness. Because traditional outdoor screen technology, products, such as lost their appeal to the user, once cause a large outdoor LED advertising effect than usual, unable to draw attention to the target user. But as the outdoor LED display technology and the rising of product innovation, and make outdoor LED advertising and mend. First, outdoor LED focus on creativity, according to shape innovation increasingly rich. The traditional single modelling LED advertising screen has already can't satisfy people's needs, can't achieve the desired effect, can give a person with shock.
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