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Outdoor advertising LED display into thin era

by:Atop     2020-06-05
As the most powerful in the outdoor advertising displays, LED advertising screen has been welcomed by manufacturers and advertisers a device. So we today would explain the LED advertising screen. The development of an advertisement, outdoor LED screen LED as the fourth generation of new media, has become the latest must-haves in the people's eyes, especially in recent years, with the improving of the LED display technology, shows the effect of increasing, the LED display has become the main force of the LED outdoor media, as a matter of fact, outdoor LED large screen media now is not only a simple advertising display platform, also subtly to realize the dialogue with the consumer, but also satisfy the government agencies, public welfare propaganda and city image promotion needs. Its excellent display effect got the favour of many advertisers and users, outdoor LED display screen has become a city beautiful scenery line. Due to the advantages of LED display, has penetrated into various fields, application range is very wide, in every field occupy a certain market share. 2014 LED outdoor display subdivided market share, customer demand for outdoor LED advertising screen 1, low failure rate, convenient maintenance product performance is stable, the maintenance of low probability, even if there is a problem, also can undertake maintenance more convenient and fast. 2, light weight, the weight of the LED display directly decides the complexity of the steel structure, light weight of the product can reduce the direct cost of steel structure. 3, energy saving save electricity saving energy save electricity that conforms to the requirements of environmental protection, also can reduce the customer's own operations. 4 installed, low cost ensure LED display effect, on the basis of a quick and simple for product installation, reduce installation manual input. 5, display the screen display effect is clear, support hd video playback, advertising benefit is obvious. After read the above introduction and analysis, are you for outdoor LED advertising screen have a clearer understanding of the current situation of the development of?
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