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Otto electronic patent application for the Mini LED 30 countries, leah, small spacing gradually expand the market

by:Atop     2020-08-22
LEDinside11 on 23 news, a few days ago, rolling and leah DE electron research institutions, respectively of investors to answer questions on different aspects. Ao tuo electronics has more than 30 countries around the world to apply for the patent on the Mini LED field, Mini LED autoart electronic board secretary, said Mr Kong Dejian company as early as three years ago has layout Mini LED related fields. At present, the company has applied for a Mini LED more than 30 countries around the world. Company Mini LED display USES a highly integrated all-in-one miniature LED packaging technology, can break through the traditional SMD lamp packaging size limit, achieve below 1 mm smaller point spacing, solve the ultra small spacing LED display, COB product can not be easily damaged on-site maintenance and surface inky, show bright color consistency. At the same time, the company related to the Mini LED display products have been can batch production, future companies will continue to maintain a competitive advantage in the field of LED high density. Asked about plans for future investment in mergers and acquisitions, Mr Kong Dejian, said the company core business of epitaxial investment mainly around existing related work, the company continues to artificial intelligence, system integration, LED application with the company's main business related industries continue to in-depth study and investigation, actively looking for a high quality potential investment projects, speed up the denotative development company, to carry out the company 'smart +' strategy, bigger and stronger. The data shows, Shenzhen Aoto Electronics Co. , Ltd. ( Stock code: 002587) , is located in high and new technology enterprise of shenzhen, was founded in 1993. The company is committed to financial electronic equipment and LED photoelectric information display products research and development and production, established in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, chengdu, as the core area of the company form radiation nationwide marketing network and service system, and gradually moves towards the international market. Autoart electronics has passed the national high-tech enterprises and software companies that obtained the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, through the national 3 c certification and ETL, CE and other international certification, is the shenzhen high-tech industry association director unit, shenzhen software association, standing director unit, the member of national committee of LED display unit, in the industry enjoy a multitude of honor and qualifications. Shenzhen Aoto Electronics Co. , ltd. always adhere to the 'with the talent with innovation, finding market competitiveness and the benign interaction to promote rapid development of capital; Make company employees to achieve ideal garden land value, let customers get the best quality products and service '. Leah, small spacing widening market application space, have more than 2700 overseas channels according to leah's board secretary and deputy general manager introduce nan-nan li, domestic business is more than 80% of direct selling. Currently accounts for large inventory mainly because of the direct selling business is bigger, has the delivery not acceptance of the project cost reflected in the inventory of merchandise shipped; Nightscape larger economic projects in recent years, at the same time, the company has completed outstanding asset is higher, but also in the ending inventory. Heat small spacing, the investors to question and topic for small spacing, lee said the normal service life in 8 - small spacing 10 years, but the technology progress, Including process improvement, intelligent, etc. ) Will accelerate product update. As costs decrease and functional improvement, small spacing in expanding the market application of space, among them, the company this year began to layout cinema market; In the market has just started, with the improvement of product stability, before the mid-market include alternative DLP speed the development of the market will be quicker. In addition, the research also mentioned leah's overseas channels, during their overseas is given priority to with the flat of channel, now there are more than 2700 channels around the world. It is understood that Leyard Optoelectronic Co. , ltd. was established in 1995, the registered capital of 150 million yuan, is a set design, production, sales and service as one of the LED display and LED application products professional company. Leah DE group is directly by the domestic and overseas holdings, a subsidiary of 14, indirect holding company 26, share company 16, branch of 52 multinational group, operating income and net profit to achieve high growth for four consecutive years, 40 times the market value of more than 40 billion yuan for six years growth, business focus on four big industry: LED display, urban landscape lighting, cultural fusion of science and technology, virtual reality. 2017 years the top group was rated as China's electronic information, in the Beijing area. LEDinside
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