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OTT's photoelectric interpretation give you five directions: full color LED display advertising media trends

by:Atop     2020-03-17

Wandering in the city street is not difficult to see the outdoor full-color LED display, as the fourth media advertising media medium, the fourth media on outdoor advertising is what kind of significance. Media advertising media advantage: the traditional outdoor advertising, such as big, light boxes, single pillar, visual range is limited, single picture, the outdoor media have apparently unable to fully meet the current market demand. Along with the application of new technology, new form of outdoor advertising, outdoor full-color displays the media should be formed. So, Atop the Led Opto Electronic interpretation give you five directions: full color Led display advertising media trend full-color Led display large data is derived from the media evaluation index of the Internet industry will gradually replace the traditional TV viewing indicators as the core of media value evaluation way, become the main new parameters of customer value media, outdoor advertising display media industry also need to keep up with the rhythm of the Internet, at the same time as the customer will be put in the budget more and ROI ( The return on investment) Associated, dropping a certain need to be more accurate to measure, there needs to be dedicated to the LED media marketing communication value of the database. Industry reshuffle outdoor LED display media industry to open, there will be more come from other media industry, especially the power of the print media industry will enter the LED market, and bring the LED media market further m&a behavior, and the resulting LED market pattern, further upheaval, formation and a completely different market situation. Battle secondary markets as the new external forces to join, a line of market resources tends to saturation and stable customer marketing channel sinking, two or three line market will be more as annual outdoor full-color LED display media market in the main focus. Customers across the screen fusion for LED media value orientation and the way of use will be more deviates from the traditional field of outdoor media, to more creative and interactive and connected to the mobile communications equipment development, the traditional delivery mode will become more and more difficult to meet customer demand, truly belong to the application of the LED way will gradually forming and push the client to redefine the LED the media. New technology of using as outdoor media field media form of the highest content of science and technology, new technology has been a motive force to promote the development of LED media, especially the Internet and mobile terminal of the interactive connection technology and interact with the consumers will be a lot of use in the customer delivery process.                                

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