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OLED2018 in Q3 61 market share. 1%, samsung accounted for up to 94. 2%

by:Atop     2020-08-27
According to the statistics institutions of IHS Markit statistics show that in the third quarter of this year, 7 ~ 9 months) , OLED throughout the smartphone market share has reached 61. 1%, worth $6. 6 billion. A previous tracking data is that in the first quarter of 2017 accounted for only 35% of the OLED on phones for more than a year, growth is very fast. OLED fame is associated with flexible panel increase demand, it goes in the screen fingerprints, special-shaped screen, narrow bezel and curved surface, folding, etc, has the congenital advantage. It is worth mentioning that in the OLED panel manufacturer home, small size, samsung display department market proportion is as high as 93. 3%, accounting for more than $94 than in flexible OLED. 2%. Purely from the point of income, the entire smartphone screen after the merger LCD market, samsung's total share is 57. 8%, far above the boe 7. 7 8% and tianma. 7%. OLED display profile: OLED display screen is made using organic spontaneous photodiode display. Because have spontaneously with mechanical and electrical excitation light diode at the same time, do not need to back light, high contrast, thin thickness, wide Angle, fast response speed, can be used in the flexural panel, using temperature range, structure and process is relatively simple, unique features, is considered to be the next generation of emerging application of flat panel display technology. The OLED industry prospects are very broad, industry enterprises are also working to accumulate experience in development, but a weak domestic industry chain upstream, industry supporting capacity factors such as the development of the larger obstacles for the overwhelming majority of manufacturers. OLED, for mechanical and electrical excitation light device, we can according to their luminescent material divided into two kinds: small molecule OLED and polymer OLED ( Can also be called PLED) 。 Their differences mainly displays in the preparation process of different device: small molecular devices mainly adopts vacuum thermal evaporation process, polymer devices by spin coating or ink jet technology. Fast science and technology
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