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OLED vs OLED performance contrast: who will be in the age of 5 g + 8 k + screen secure C

by:Atop     2020-08-27
Has launched five or six years of OLED technology, in the eyes of consumers may not be unfamiliar, but from the point of historical sales data, OLED market share is still very low, are rising star come back QLED, sales reached 7 times in OLED, easy burning screen, short service life, high price and size restrictions, unable to mass production, the problems, is still OLED lingering nightmare. Both in internal cause and external cause, confirms the fact that OLED cannot be unified color television in the future new technology, it also need to see the QLED. Recently, sponsored by the China electronic chamber of commerce had 'to domestic QLED lead 8 k' in 2019 the third 8 k QLED display technology BBS grand opening, many experts gathered display technology industry, the global TV shipments, the first and second name involved in this BBS discussion, samsung and TCL depth of QLED technology firm, and for future development forecast QLED maybe can bring some enlightenment to the whole industry. OLED propaganda again good, not good as showing the directly compete for give mouth, the conference site is unique, real knowledge comes from practice, three contrast test about QLED, OLED products - — Color contrast, dark field details/HDR peak brightness contrast and burning screen experiment. At the scene of the colour contrast experiments, through 1 4 k camera still life, footage real-time transmission to the QLED TV and OLED TV. From the perspective of the colour effect of rendering, QLED TV has a wider color display, closer to the real world of extreme visual experience. In the dark field details/HDR peak brightness contrast experiments, the event set up a dark field test room, in the dark field environment, test QLED peak brightness contrast and OLED dark field details, HDR. Comparison results show that under the QLED TV is the same as the OLED TV set, QLED TV can display properly dark field image details, OLED TV dark field details missing, cause distortion. The burning screen experiment, BBS site on the two machines turned on for a long period of time, and keep the same content, results QLED television, according to the normal and OLED TV pictures appear 'sticker, screen need to standby maintenance, please standby for 10 minutes' stranded phenomenon, such as produce burning screen. But it is worth mentioning that burning screen problem in OLED TV camp frequently, in May last year of South Korea's incheon airport a OLED TV burning screen problem, then the SID in the United States Display Week 2018 ( The United States show weeks) Well-known company Nanosys booth OLED TV burning screen problem, and the industry there is no real solution. Also show cases, there has been a burning in OLED screen from the point of the contrast, QLED in color gamut range, color purity, color lasting product hard power show the advantage of OLED is rolling in. Consumer choice tell, according to IHS data QLED 2018 global sales of 2. 68 million units, far higher than OLED global sales. In 2019, according to relevant data to predict QLED sales will remain a leading status, expected sales in 4. 07 million, global growth will be 52%. And in the domestic market, from the historical sales data, QLED for OLED TV showed the advantage of rolling sexual. Yi kang monitoring data show that in 2016 the year QLED TV sales more than seven times higher than that of OLED TV; QLED sales amounted to 950000 units in 2017, approaching million mark, and OLED TV sales to 11, 2017. 30000, only through hundreds of mark. Have to say that QLED and the battle of OLED, end already prophecy. Therefore, TCL confidently on the BBS joint samsung signed with mainstream sales channels such as suning, gome, jingdong jointly signed QLED TV 13 billion sales, account for half 8 k TV market. Suitable for promoting good technology can win according to forecast of IHS, high-definition TV is expected to explode in 2020, growth in 2019 to 430000, reaching 2 million in 2020, 8 k rapid growth is expected to appear in 2022, will replace 4 k products large area, especially in the large market size, quickly complete the switch. Future color red sea will be on the large size 8 k. And the arrival of the domestic 8 k, is undoubtedly the OLED display technology such as, laser QLED trailing behind. Laser technology can short the amplification size, resolution is not high, however, far less than ordinary TV on display color effects, and needs specific curtain and dark environment support, expensive, is not suitable for home users of the masses. OLED technology, in addition to the above mentioned in contrast to show the shortcomings of outside, still subject to technical limitations, cannot provide solutions to large size, mass production of 8 k is still a distant prospect.
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