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OLED panel market in 2019 is expected to achieve income of $32. 2 billion

by:Atop     2020-09-05
Media Display Daily reports, OLED panel market is expected to achieve income of $32. 2 billion this year, thanks to the flexible OLED driving growth. UBI Research market Research institutions, according to the latest report OLED panel overall market this year is expected to achieve income of $32. 2 billion, is expected to grow to 13. 8%. The report says the growth of OLED panel market, one of the factors for flexible OLED panel in the growing popularity of the smart phone, television, and other products and applications. Since samsung announced folding smartphones, huawei, millet, MOTOROLA, soft technology, have announced plans to their folding screen. Among them, the samsung is expected to launch its first next week folding smartphone, is likely to lead the new trend of the smart phone. Huawei also announced that in Spain will launch at the end of the 5 g folding screen mobile phone. With the increase of OLED panel production and sales, cost of OLED panel will reduce gradually, more and more smart phones are expected to use the lower cost of OLED panel. Although LCD panel efficiency higher costs lower, but will show the high contrast image of pure black and the OLED panel, still has advantages. But because of the high cost, OLED panel are still confined to the high-end flagship phones. OLED related information is introduced: Spring Festival after the first la, A shares have 'A good beginning,' multiple plate. Among them, the OLED plate is undoubtedly one of the most concern of the market sector, Oriental fortune trading software, OLED plate jumped 20 this week. 52%. Is the stock market, but the actual development of the OLED industry doesn't seem to be 'strong' as its share price performance. Due to the price, more than the recent hot plate through the announcement by companies and investors communication platform, said the project is still in preparation, 'has not been mass production' and 'save the uncertainty', etc. On February 15th, a the hot plate executives to 'daily economic news' reporter said, at present, the development of the industry is certainly not so hot, as markets reflect the possibility of explosive growth in the short term industry is small. Hot money impact on many companies move announcement days in 'forcing' companies issued shares move announcement. Such as the main east membrane materials for materials science and technology ( 601208年,上海) 。 In October 2018, east of material science and technology through subsidiaries Jiang Sudong material of building annual output of 20000 tons of OLED display technology with optical grade polyester base film project. February 14th night, east of material science and technology announced, the project was still in the stage of construction, from engineering design to the engineering construction is expected to formally put into production about 28 months, project construction schedule may not be up to expectations, uncertainty about the risk in the future. And business involve 'functional thin film' of quality shares ( 300057,SZ) 。 On February 14, quality shares through the 'shenzhen stock exchange interactions' reply to investors, according to the questions at present, the company production of high separation membrane is mainly used in quantum dots TV and flexible solar, has related in flexible OLED products technical reserves, has yet to mass production. In addition, the public information display, dafu technology ( 300134,SZ) , the resultant force tai ( 002217,SZ) Companies such as progress in the field of OLED is similar to the company. Comb the daily economic news 'reporter found after several OLED billboard hot plate company data, the hotspot hype associated enterprises mostly idle fund, institutional investors seem to have not engaged in this field in a big way. Such as jin fu technology ( 300128,SZ) , February 12 and 15, buying the amount of stock the largest are from securities business departments, and the two institutions seats is take this opportunity to sell more than 80 million yuan. A private person told reporters that in general, the hot money hype 'fierce meng', and the hot money speculation stocks also attract more funds follow suit, but the risk is also cannot be ignored. Explosive growth potential small OLED display technology has a wide color gamut, high contrast, can be bent, can be widely used in mobile phones, VR/AR device, therefore is considered to be the important direction of the future display technology. And set off the concept is part of the mobile phones manufacturer's upcoming folding trailer. Samsung and huawei, respectively, according to the forecast will be launched on February 20 and 24 the foldable mobile phones. Southwest securities research reports, with OLED replace LCD display industry trends, the display panel is developing towards flexibility, 'the first year of 2019 will be folding mobile phone, the permeability of flexible OLED would increase greatly'. But at present, relevant OLED product localization rate is still low. An OLED plate hot executives told the 'daily economic news' reporter, OLED panel industry chain is longer, can be divided into upper materials, middle OLED panel manufacturing, module assembly, and downstream display applications, etc. And although the upstream materials dealer the OLED industry is gradually formed the supply ability, but because the products with high technical threshold and at present most of the supply in the hands of companies such as Japan, South Korea. In the field of domestic OLED, A (boe 000725,SZ) Is the lead. Everbright securities research report, according to the Beijing Oriental flexible OLED products have bulk shipments, with flagship phones such as huawei Mate 20 Pro. As the subsequent several production line gradually put into production, the company will be able to take the lead in meet the requirements of a number of mobile phone manufacturers, market share is expected to usher in rapid ascension, take the development of the industry. Earlier, Beijing Oriental executive committee chairman and CEO Chen Yanshun in accepted the media interview, in terms of OLED display, material localization rate is low, probably less than 10% ~ 15%. Chen Yanshun thinks, as domestic OLED panel makers expand capacity, would boost domestic OLED industry chain upstream enterprises to develop materials and equipment.
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