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OLED industry shows how the market will be towards the future?

by:Atop     2020-08-26
As is known to all, shows that the market remains were mature technology and it's populist price of LCD display controlled! In recent years, with the development of science and technology constantly, the OLED display technology matures, OLED display market continue, and continue to devour the original LCD display of market share, has become a dark horse, market thundered, appeared in public view, although there are many LCD can keep 'position', has been rendered can be replaced, but has the absolute market share of the LCD display and how to fight back?     OLED became fighting for display technology in the market & emsp;   OLED display basic dominated by south Korean enterprises in the market, including South Korea's samsung in the hands of the small size of OLED display absolute market share, so that the samsung after supply their own mobile phone panel, also accepted the super big apple, and apple and samsung are two old rivals has many grievances entanglements, this is almost no secret things.     But it can't do anything, the United States apple because samsung OLED Display almost monopolized the small size of the market, the company in order to reduce the dependency for old rivals, eager to find out more the OLED panel suppliers, samsung, the only one can rival on the OLED technology is also from South Korea's LG Display ( Hereinafter referred to as the LG company) Company, LG company became the only choice! In LG company want to further cooperation and apple company, LG in will intensify the OLED panel production of small size, however awkward problem encountered in the production, lead to LG OLED panel production behind schedule, and apple company also have to reconsider whether to continue in-depth cooperation and LG company.     Apple iPhone X itself is the problem of OLED panel prices also affect the sales, lead to the company for OLED panel to reduce South Korea's samsung, samsung company is no sorrow not sell their own panel, and China's huawei company immediately and millet company the cooperation, since China's domestic mobile phone using the OLED display screen, too!     In respect of large size OLED panel almost monopolized by south Korean LG company, mainly used in the TV screen! LG has achieved great success in this respect, is stepping up production of OLED screen!     OLED screen on the display performance with LCD display incomparable advantage, but the price down also need a period of time, OLED displays are bound to grab market share of LCD display, but this time, the blustery display market is really calm?     According to the future direction of the market & emsp;   Many companies already foresee the future shows the direction of the market, are on display layout, the layout is not only manifested the enterprise to grasp to the industry, which in turn will affect the process industry. The more enterprise layout for a technology, this technology will develop more quickly!     Like OLED technology, if has been dominated by South Korea's two big companies, for OLED technology development will be very bad. Fortunately, many domestic companies in the technology not lax also, spearheaded the boe South Korea technology monopoly can production OLED screen, it also indicates the technology will be more and more mature!     Apple to on the display panel will no longer be hurt, no longer subject to the old rival samsung, is determined through the acquisition of companies Luxvue actively developing a new generation of Micro LED display technology. In addition, hon hai, SONY, samsung, Beijing Oriental also around Micro LED panel manufacturers such as layout, but for now, in the short term is difficult to success, Micro LED to ten points to measure production difficulty is big. And with these companies as production Micro LED driver, in these enterprises, driven by Micro LED display era will be faster!     The current layout of the Mini LED enterprises mainly for the mainland and Taiwan, as three Ann, the star, ruifeng, crystal electricity, ronda. Now grasp the technology, the realization of the Mini LED production time actually is not far off. It is worth mentioning that dominated the OLED display samsung to three ordered three Ann Ann photoelectric photoelectric almost a whole year of Mini LED display capacity, seems very bullish on the Mini LED display technology.     , in turn, we see the LCD display, LCD display advocates of itself is not in the minority, samsung, SONY, sharp, boe, TCL, and so on. With the support of these enterprises, LCD will also continue to progress, can withstand pressure, to speed up the growth, research and development more new products, at the same time can be more calm in the face of the impact of various display technologies. As the recent rise of the touch screen, and LCD splicing technology advances, many positions for LCD back again! After so many years and the CRT and LCD display itself, DLP, such as plasma display technology of struggle, has accumulated rich experience and obtained each big market recognition, believe in the LCD display technology of the war will still doing well!     Of course there are other display technologies, as more and more families are now set up home theater, began using projection equipment, this is a kind of laser display, and the rise of laser display will also impact on the market, bring the market new vitality!
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