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OLED industry in China entered the period of strategic opportunities

by:Atop     2020-08-04
In OLED technology, global competition and accelerate the industrialization under the background of OLED industry development in our country is in an unprecedented period of strategic opportunities. OLED industry in the future China should go hand in hand with the global OLED industry, must give full play to the role of the enterprises, research institutes and government. Enterprise should put the independent innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the first place; Academy's emphasis on innovation research and development at the same time, should pay more attention to the innovation achievements transformation; The government should attach great importance to the OLED technology and industry, support key enterprises. In the end, through production, political force conquers the highest position in the OLED industry development. At the same time, as the global TV makers to join the OLED TV campaign, 15 institutions expect global TV market in the next five years, will be more than 10% of OLED TV sales accounted. The industry is expected, as the OLED panel to alleviate the supply 'bottleneck', OLED TV is expected to become one of the biggest beneficiaries of China's consumer upgrades. IHS estimates show that OLED TV market in China will keep 115 in 2019. Growth of 5%, become the global OLED TV for more than 100% of the market. Technology evolution path has its flow direction, and eventually become a mainstream technology times, must have its unique superiority. OLED has 'anywhere', 'any form' and 'marginal' advantage, can be truly 'all things', making it the best display technology as a future time. 2) Spontaneous voices OLED TV black technology products - — Spontaneous of the OLED TV have a defence. Is TV itself has no sound, but the use of 'vibrator' frame vibration acoustic emission, this is a traditional LCD TV is absolutely can't do. Appear on the screen, for example, a group of frogs, beating the frog jump to where, where sound is coming from, sound picture perfect combination of sound like near its border. This makes war movie lovers, gamers will be hooked! 3) OLED more pure color reproduction in the TV screen shows a black background, the mobile phone camera, respectively against the OLED and LCD TV screen, OLED TV screen on a mobile phone shows the pure black, while the LCD TV screen on a mobile phone hair white hair gray. This suggests that OLED technology and the essential difference between the traditional LCD technology - — Light-emitting principle is different. At present, most of the TV that sells on the market is a LCD TV, LCD TV must have the back light light, can see on the screen image, inevitable light-leaking phenomenon, let the TV screen shows black scene shows the picture of a grey; And OLED is illuminated technology, each pixel can be independent electric light, OLED can do pixel closed completely, when black scenarios have more pure black, so the OLED screen looks the color is more clear and true. 4) Ultra wide Angle of view, all C an OLED TV achieved any position can occupy the sitting room is 'C', different position, all can see the colour of the pure without deviation. Moreover, even in the treatment of the rapid scene such as sports, games, OLED response speed, can present a clearer picture. 5) To reduce harm blue eyes and OLED TV could reduce amount of blue light emission to a third of the traditional TV, thus reducing the eye stimulation, effectively protect the audience truly, especially teenagers vision. At the event, the organizers prepared glasses blue light detection, in the same size OLED TV and quantum dot LCD TV, broadcast the same picture. Through the blue glasses can see clearly that the quantum dot LCD TV images of the blue light more apparent, this also confirmed the less harmful blue light OLED TV content. Japanese society deputy quality long hemp warehouse flow and mentioned: 'each pixel can independent spontaneous light OLED, can realize the infinite contrast, show the best image quality, known as the future shows that literally. 'And from the United States Pacific university Dr. Sheedy has analyzed 'why OLED to eye health'. 博士。 Sheedy has been engaged in the research of visual fatigue related, in mitigation and treatment more, eyestrain, he thinks, the human visual sense is through the different light contrast to distinguish objects, and provide better contrast and lower OLED in blue light is very good, so the OLED display technology is very suitable for the human eye. In recent years, the demand of the OLED rising steadily, while the capacity is the bottleneck. Statistics show that in 2015 the global number of high-end TV market for 3. 4 million, 2016, 3 million, negative growth of 11%. Officially in 2017 began to sell like hot cakes from OLED, high-end TV market sales to 3. 38 million units, compared with 12% growth in 2016. Sales in 2018 to 3. 7 million, compared with growth of 12% in 2017, sales were up 14%. At the same time, according to market research institutions, according to data from the IHS OLED TV sales of 65 in 2018. 300 million dollars. And as more manufacturers to join the OLED camp, the industry said that OLED panel supply shortage has become a 'bottleneck' restricting the development of the industry quickly. It is reported, as the only global currently has a large production large size LG Display of OLED TV panel technology, the OLED factory in guangzhou will be in the third quarter of this year and put into production, it will be in South Korea's LG Display outside the first overseas OLED panel factory, is also China's first 8. Five generations OLED production line. After the factory production, monthly production capacity of 60000 early Zhang Jiban, geared to the needs of global market supply, supply the deficiency of the present situation is expected to ease the OLED TV panel.
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