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OLED, dongshan LED companies such as precision

by:Atop     2020-08-23
At the beginning of 2019, display area to blow the new trend. According to samsung official Twitter and huawei consumer business CEO ChengDong weibo information, samsung and huawei will respectively in February 20, and 24 released their first foldable mobile phones. Since then, the main materials for OLED flexible screen as a new focus the eyes, millet, lenovo and other companies began to focus on the layout. The heat also spread to the stock market. In recent days, OLED stocks rose continuously, some companies even for multiple USES. Since then, many people's eyes landed in the field of enterprise. Headed by boe, deep tianma OLED manufacturers, thus entered into a more people field of vision. Beijing Oriental Beijing Oriental is the OLED industry's leading 'seeds', it is the world's largest panel companies, as the second half of 2017 into the global LCD panel prices continue to drop, the company began to actively follow up the OLED panel technology, has now become the leader in the field of domestic. At the end of 2017, its first six generations of OLED panel production line put into production, but has been trapped in the production yield and the technical problems such as, until released in October last year, huawei mate20 Pro USES its OLED panel, only the OLED panel production line into the normal production phase. This year on February 14, and boe display device manufacturers LIS with South Korea signed a 17. 1 billion won ( About 100 million yuan) OLED devices supply contracts. In addition, it is huawei's upcoming 5 g flip phone panel suppliers. Today, the company in mianyang of six generation of OLED panel production line is stepping up its construction. There is media said, which means that the jingdong will have three six generations of OLED panel production line, straight after samsung on the capacity. Deep tianma A deep tianma A was established in April 1994, is by the shenzhen tianma microelectronics co. , LTD, company reorganization, the main production and sales of LCD, and now has developed into the domestic OLED industry leading enterprises. On the AMOLED productivity layout, as early as 2013, deep tianma A it with associated company tianma organic light-emitting investment to build A 5. Five generations AMOLED production line, the line is already in 2016 to the mobile intelligent terminal brand big customer quantity of output. On June 8, 2018, the company formal G6 OLED production line to mass production, and mass production ceremonies were held in wuhan, this means that after this will supply brand big customers. Almost at the same time, deep tianma and wuhan municipal government signed A cooperation agreement, plans to add 14. 5 billion yuan of investment, in order to expand the sixth generation of LTPS AMOLED scale of production capacity. At present, the company in LTPS, AMOLED, Touch integration technology, flexible display, Force Touch, Oxide, a 3 d display, display and so on has made many achievements. Analysts said, as the company constantly release, OLED production capacity, together with the before in production line layout, technology research and development, market expansion of the new aspects of the accumulation of advantage, its double heights will be hoping to grab the market and technology. Huaxing photoelectric at present, wuhan huaxing photoelectric flexible AMOLED display has been completed the core management team building, and configure a large number of core technology talents with rich experience, has built 4. Five generations of flexible OLED r&d line project, to speed up the flexible display technology and product development, wuhan huaxing photoelectric self-developed flexible OLED testing products have been production, are products of various performance improvement and ascend. TCL group on February 13, according to investor relations activities form disclosed on the layout and the progress of OLED huaxing photovoltaic generation of LTPS - 6 T4 AMOLED flexible production line project will realize from the trial-produce to in 2019. At the same time, huaxing has 4 photoelectric in wuhan. Five generations of flexible AMOLED experiment line, already provide the input for t4 rapid production technical reserves. D, cigna public data show that d cigna, founded in 2001, is China's first OLED products supplier. On October 8, 2008, cigna OLED mass production ceremonies were held in kunshan, jiangsu province, according to introducing, this is China's first production of OLED mass production line. Exhibited recently, millet folding mobile phones, is to use the d cigna flexible OLED panel. Data shows, in the Display information institutions Supply Chain Consultants ( DSCC) Issued by the first quarter of 2018 'OLED shipments and overall utilization report', d cigna market share among the world's third, up 425% from a year earlier, after samsung and LG, occupies the domestic panel makers ranked the first position, however, in the same year in the third quarter, the company net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to - 1. 5. 2 billion yuan, year-on-year decline in 149. 65%, d cigna made explanation is that companies are under construction in the 6th generation of AMOLED panel and module production line project in succession in 2018 to move equipment, installation and test, in the fourth quarter started mass production, income contribution is limited. Nowadays, the birth of new applications such as flexible screen, with further release of production capacity, d cigna could capture more new machine. It is important to note that with these professional bearing of OLED panel makers, some LED enterprise also not idle, plan layout or already wading in the field, to do with technology preparation, establish closely connect with them. Dongshan dongshan precision has been in sheet metal, precision and LED encapsulation is famous for its business, its also calculate a qualified in the field of OLED.
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