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Numerous stars concert stage play LED screen for

by:Atop     2020-08-13
Culture is the soul of the organization, the entertainment was the attitude of the individual. Both in 'personal' and 'community', and 'cultural entertainment' emi, recreational activities have become the most important part of life. The arrival of the summer in June, 2018 has been the past half. Can be seen from the past six months, China's cultural industry shows a tendency of prosperity and rapid development of the national cultural activities: all kinds of concerts, conferences, entertainment, literature and art joint performance, etc. , especially such as stage, Jacky cheung, Aaron kwok, star concert activities such as wang lee hom. These activities to promote LED display in stage stage used in the field of development, whether in performance, or shape, LED display development progress. And most can highlight LED display new technology, new trends, may be on the stage stage applications. Because star entertainment and tide always is, I'm afraid I don't have any a star, don't want their own concert with the latest cutting-edge technology. Today, let us through the star concert, feel the charm of LED display value together. All machinery LED stage build 360 degrees supersolid all around the stage of the tour with full mechanical control, with high production specifications, xueyou's wonderful scene, leds, comprehensive use quantity could be the best concert all over Asia. By multi-level LED stage mesa structure, each layer is removable for multiple LED cube, more on the LED arc, circle, triangle, such as design, combined with the floor tile, color screen, the flexible screen, such as application, can follow the situation of every song is different ups and downs of movements, such as splicing combination structure changes. Protean laser beam on the stage effects morphs into a tunnel of time and space, leads the audience a visual experience the test of time, the flame of dental laboratories, set in a classic, creates the birth of the classic, lead the people to return to youth in the familiar song! Stage a combination of mechanical arm and LED screen so cool! One opening, show ignite full boom, the LED screen emit dazzling special effects, and interactive image space transformation, give a person the feeling, show in suspension space rotation jump everytime, all show dancing! In order to give the audience a audio-visual feast, let the fans who were present experience of high-tech stage effect, the organizers put into a lot of manpower and financial resources in the concert. Show crazy world concert, called for the international elite team meticulously, using the industrial robot arms, like 'library card' such high-tech. LED display can be under the control of mechanical arm free flight, joining together, break up, spin, form all sorts of modelling of above the stage background LED display, LED mechanical arm system in close coordination with the performance scene, can not only with the stage props to mix into the actual situation and effect of props, and can be extended to the audience at close range. LED mechanical arm in the traditional sense of the LED background wall into space flexible, combination form of LED display screen, activities give LED the spiritual; Even in its installed on all kinds of special lamps and lanterns, smoke, and other performance equipments, build an unreal effect, become involved in performing 'robot' star. Six pagoda shaped screen as VR virtual reality exists, this year, wang put aside all work, day and night for concert 2060 descendants of the dragon ', 'preparation and polishing, the heart to the deep. This world tour, wang lee hom to the choreography to tableaux, better able to interact with the audience, also specially invited the industry's most professional lighting, control units, as well as the choreography team with top hardware companies to build stage effect. Especially a huge sum of money to build six pagoda type special-shaped screen, like a VR virtual reality exists, the stage of deductive incisively and vividly that effect is applied, vivid images and the perfect combination of music, build a grand scene, has contemporary feeling extremely. Super clear picture, give a person immersive audiovisual feast. Make the fans in the entire concert in addition to the ears of music, eyes filled with too many things to see in the image, all the feelings and fantasy, which contain the leehom wang is a movie day-blind, opera as a shock. CNC ice screen based on circular screen more layers and dynamic feeling!
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