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New display technology is a new blue ocean of small spacing LED display shows at home and abroad go hand in hand

by:Atop     2020-08-06
LED display industry has been played an important role, in the traditional LED display market application scenario is mainly light, display screen and the LCD back light, etc. In recent years, with LED technology continues to progress, the further development of the LED size miniaturization technology, has LED coruscate gives new vitality in the field of display, display, small spacing Mini LED display, Micro o. LED display technology. Is different from the traditional display application scenario gradually into the mature period and decline phase, the new LED display technology, is in the midst of the rapid development of growth or bud, have more opportunities to drive future industry demand sharp growth, our system is called new display applications. In small spacing led display can be achieved under the same size showed images of higher resolution, and it also has higher refresh, low power consumption, high color gamut, no ghosting effect more features, such as more accord with modern advertisers and user requirements for the effect of the led display. Led display is the led lamp bead Mosaic, led screens and small spacing is the distance between two lights more small, the definition of the traditional led display products of the specifications of the methods is the amount of space between two lights, such as P10 is the spacing between two lights is 10 mm, P8 was also the spacing between two lights is 8 mm, so on. What is a blue ocean market, as its name suggests, blue ocean is blue ocean. Mr Chan Kim in his book 'blue ocean strategy', described the red oceans and blue oceans, referred to as 'the red and blue ocean, red sea, on behalf of all the industry exist today, is we know market space, the blue ocean, represents the industry does not exist, is the unknown market space. As the 'blue ocean strategy' is popular all over the world, many enterprises in an increasingly competitive situation, without thinking would say, we want to create a blue ocean. The LED industry of today, there is no doubt that is a piece of the red sea. Apart from a handful of lucky, most enterprises are in small profit even lost territory. Create a LED the blue ocean, not only is the sustainable development of the industry must be, also LED enterprise important topic of life and death. Almost every LED emerging applications, however, may be to imagine and propaganda for the blue ocean, automatically, to accept such a concept, accidentally will enter a fake blue ocean. Life is not worth living without thinking, without thinking strategy is not worthwhile. Wrong strategy will not only lead to the enterprise resource input, and the loss of the more important may be missing the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and the historical opportunity of entering the next good track.
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